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    So I want to ask what does people around adisc think of it. I think there is a point of it. As AB/DL some of us are living alone when we talk of our "interest" and can only use internet to share it. Of course when you go to lets say T*mblr. You see a lot of people seemingly having a perfect life. Do you ever feel jealous of it? If you ask me I gotta be honest like sometimes I jealous when I see someone else T*mblr. I shouldn't have do that considering I'm still fortunate enough to have several previlages. Anyway what do you think of it? Comment? Discussion? Share Perhaps?

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    Firstly, I wouldn't believe everything you see on Tumblr. People like to present their lives in a certain way, and lots of people will fake things about their real life, or at the very least highlight the positives and hide the negatives. I sometimes get jealous when I see what others are posting on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. (and certainly not just about ABDL stuff).

    I get envious of friends who are sharing their snaps of travelling the globe, or discussing their seemingly perfect relationships, but on reflection, I also portray an idealised version of my life on Social Media. I post about the fun bits like going to restaurants or sporting events, or the cool aspects of my job...not the fact I have mental health issues or spend a lot of time getting anxious about social things. What most other people are doing is the same, to a greater or lesser extent.

    So, yeah, I get jealous of other people's lives online, but I realise that people present a distorted mirror image of their lives, or just straight-up tell lies. It's important not to romanticise other peoples' lives. It'll just make you sad and give you unrealistic expectations of how you should live, and how you should feel.

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    I do get jealous of other people's lives sometimes. I wonder how they got to such a great point in life, and I worry that I'll never be nearly as lucky. I feel kinda bad for feeling this way though. People deserve to be happy.

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    I am not generally under the impression that people posting ABDL pics to Tumblr are making wise decisions when doing so. There are going to be exceptions, but I think usually there's a lot not to envy there.

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    There are a lot of ABDLs out there, those you're seeing on Tumblr, who just got out there and got into the scene and it. That's what I did. I got out there, primarily in FetLife, got into munches, got into PlayDates, made friends, hung out. A local girl I know hacked an Ikea day bed into a crib. I have my bedroom decked out like a Tween bedroom with Hello Kitty wall decals and pink bed sheets. I'm hosting an ABDL gamer night again soon, boys and girls, four controllers, diapers, all screaming at the TV! I take photos, I have fun with it, the other weekend I had photos of me in a diaper and a shirt skirt taken while standing on a subway platform. :P

    Oh sure, those people on Tumblr probably have drama in their lives, everyone does, no one's live is IDEALIC, but they're out having their age play fun and they don't have to hide alone to do it. I say go for that and do it. Meet people and connect!

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    I get social media jealousy in a completely non-ABDL way.

    Because I have agoraphobia (fear of going out into public places, or of just leaving the home in general), I rarely get out as much as I'd like. I have a fear of something, but at the same time I also want to go places - for example, to the movies or to a party, or just to hang out with a bunch of friends. So I've found myself looking at photos of my Facebook friends all hanging out together, and I often can cry over how lonely I suddenly become. Like, a minute ago I would have been completely fine, then browsing photos I'm suddenly weeping.

    I haven't been on Facebook for months because of this. I can't do it anymore. It's really so sad for me.

    Then, worse, when I try to connect with anyone on Facebook, it feels shallow and like.... like only half-real. It feels like eating candy for dinner instead of steak. You're doing the right actions but not getting the right nourishment. Emotionally or socially, in this case. So I can say hello to someone on there and in a chat type back and forth about some movie. Then it's over and I feel empty and alone... more than before.

    My agoraphobia is getting better than it had been, but the progress is so painfully slow. For example, if this was a weight loss plan, my progress is equivalent to losing one pound a month. Sometimes less, and sometimes I gain a pound that month. And social media doesn't help. On Twitter, where I have hardly any friends, I can watch celebrities out there constantly in the public, living their dreams and not being terrified, living it up at huge parties and having more friends than they even know how to handle. On Facebook I see my real life friends, most of them who don't even talk to me in real life anymore, and they're always posting pics from this event, that event, some con, some party, some random night out at a restaurant with a couple of people. The last time I ate in a restaurant, a real one where you get a menu, was in 2008. I don't exactly feel animosity towards them, but more like - more down about myself, knowing how few pictures I have of my own. How few photos are of cool things/events/people rather than like, trees or whatever.

    I often want to get rid of Facebook, not because I hardly ever visit it anymore, but because I am humiliated that my own profile looks like I am the biggest loser in the universe.

    So yeah, I have social media jealousy, it's a pretty big problem, but it doesn't involve AB stuff in any way in my case. I can relate to the sensation that others have a "perfect life" though. I know in my rational mind it's not true - that it's just a snapshot of a second in time - but it still gives me really bad pains in my heart to see them... and know I wasn't there.... haven't been there for years.... and may not be there ever again.

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    Twitter has been an absolute godsend for me. I have completely non-judgmental friends, so I'm able to be totally open about ABDL activities with them. I was afraid of opening up for years, but honestly, being closed off was probably what was causing my depression for the most part.

    So I did open up finally a month ago... and the result has been extremely positive. Better still, I've been able to make ABDL friends off-site as a result, and one of them I've gotten super-close with. Mainly due to us both being kinda similar in how we approach it.

    Now, my depression isn't totally gone, it's not something that can just go away like that. I do have it for other reasons too. But the weight is finally off my shoulders now. I know I can talk about using a pacifier or diapers with non-ABDL friends, and they're cool with it, because they like me for me.

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