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Thread: How does one baby a little? and be a good daddy?

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    Default How does one baby a little? and be a good daddy?

    hi guys so I just recently joined this site to get this and any other abdl questions answered thanks for your imput.

    Ok so i am a DL i love and get excited when i wear my pampers baby dry size 6 diapers i'd also like to be a daddy with that said i'd like to what does it mean to baby someone? what are things all you babygirls love for your daddies to do to you?

    I want to know because i'd like to invite a girl I like into my abdl interest and if she agrees to try it i don't want her experience to be bad and make her not like it. im still not 100% certain she wont think im a perve or a freak for having a interest in wearing baby diapers.

    also I wouldn't mind us both being DL's where we both just love the feeling of diapers and we diaper each other. babygirls are very cute and I would very much love to have a ddlg relationship someday, thanks again for any and all imput.
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    It's really just luck unless you find someone on a site for that (ie fetlife), and even then it's luck. DDLG is easier, but often times doesn't involve diapers. My girlfriend and I have a DDLG relationship but that's really just in our sex life, and diapers isn't something I put in that time. Being a sissy the rest of the time, it's really weird but a fun contrast. Anyway, back to the point, like I said, it's tough finding a relationship (especially a lasting one) that involves diapers for both people. Your absolute best bet is to find a girl and when you open up to her, hope she'll join you (I had two girlfriends before who tried it; one tried a few times and ended up not liking it, the other loved it), but please for her sake and for the sake of being a decent person do not base your relationship on her answer.

    Likewise, if you're okay with a fling, there are lots of sites you can go to (like I said, fetlife for instance) where you can find people near you with similar kinks. But always be honest with people and never harass someone on sites like that. Just like this site, those sites are sanctuaries for people with unique interests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s4abg View Post
    I want to know because i'd like to ask a girl I like to be a baby girl
    I don't think it's fair to ask/force others to partake in AB/DL activities, more so if it's only for your benefit. (See: Selfish)

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    hum thanks guys im a nice guy I wouldn't want to force her into it nothing is fun if your forced to do it. but if she was into it of course i would be thrilled we're not in a relationship yet i met her at work and she's cute we have talked in the past and then stopped but now I'd like to start talking to her again I have a fetlife account just started a few days to a week ago I also have a tumblr and instagram account focused on abdl i've had kik conversations with current babygirls its hard to find single ones with no daddy but for some reason after we talk once they just stop talking to me im not a snob we have good coversations even about non abdl topics and find things in common like video games anyway with this girl I have seen in person so she's accessible if i was lucy enough to get to date her I would be able go see her whenever so that's the one up to finding someone online many people online don't live close i've found only one person on fetlife listed as living in my area if she said no to the idea and wasn't scared off knowing i like that kind of stuff I wouldn't end things there could be other common interests we share. asking if she would be into it i see as it being sharing a secret that only she and me would know about and that would be special and show her i trust her with my deepest secret i want absolutely no one close to me to know about me wearing diapers so that might boost our relationship and if we both were interested in it that would add dynamic to the relationship i think so i see only positives in sharing this part of me and asking if she will be apart of it like all of us abdl is just apart of us that helps escape or in my case feel good and be excited about having a deep secret.


    ps. ddlg doesn't involve diapers? and yea it would be a just when we're in the mood type thing ie. not a all the time thing again this is just a part of me i dont wear diapers all the time i guess thats what makes it exciting when i do i love it so it would be cool if she was into it too and we could share that part of ourselves when we're together. i welcome your imput but i didnt ask if it was right to invite someone into abdl or how to find someone thats a abdl, im intrested in knowing what and how to make her introduction to the fetish special and not give her bad 1st impressions

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    Just ask. I don't agree with Fire2box that asking is unfair. Forcing is totally out of the question, but asking, in a no pressure kind of way, is fine. Though be careful how you bring it up and make sure you're with someone you trust.

    If you've managed to find someone willing, you should have a chat somewhere quiet, where you talk about what you'd like to do and what she'd like to do or be okay with doing. There isn't a one size fits all way of babying someone. We can suggest a bunch of things if you want. Here's a short list
    -Pick out her clothes for her
    -Read her a story
    -Feed her dinner
    -Play little kid games with her (peek-a-boo etc.)
    -color with crayons
    -Carry her (if you're strong enough and she's not too heavy)
    -diaper and change her if she's willing to go there

    Probably since you're the one bringing it up, it's going to be a question of what you want to do and how far she's willing to go. Unless you find someone who's already into ageplay on Fetlife or a similar site, in which case definitely have a conversation about what you want to do so that everyone is on the same page.

    The worst thing you can do is get initial agreement to do some role-playing and then unintentionally cross a line in the middle of doing it. That could be very upsetting for both of you.

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    ok how is the best way to bring it up? I asked someone on tumblr when to do it and they said to do it when where texting each other so thats a place we can talk quietly about it they also said to come out about it give her time to process everything and answer all her questions and that is good advice. so i should ask her if she would be interested in doing it and i wouldn't do it unless i had her consent and then let her tell me what she would want me to do instead of asking you guys what i should be doing that makes sense thanks for the good advice I do want to note that a couple of times at work she did wear a onesie I thought it was cute of her to be wearing.

    i would be interested in diapering her and dressing her giving her a paci that's cute and changing her wet diapers, giving her love taps not spankings im not into that and wouldnt do it unless she wanted me to and also do those other things you pointed out

    I think messy diapers are gross and one girl on tumblr said that she liked the idea of the humiliation that would come from messing a diaper but didn't think she could ever mess a diaper I wet my diapers sometimes on purpose though I still have the notion that peeing myself is wrong so I have to go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet and wet my diaper like that i cant just sit and wet myself where ever im at when I have to go

    with that said I'd like her to change me for us to change each other and check each other's diapers of course i'd like hearing her call me daddy and doing baby talk i don't ack like a baby so what i'd like is stuff we do for and too each other.

    thanks for your imput @ArchieRonie

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    Quote Originally Posted by s4abg View Post
    ddlg doesn't involve diapers?
    it can, but it doesnt always =P sometimes the LG part is ageplay to an age above diapers, even going into teens

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    If it turns out you find someone wants to be your little girl, then I think how you baby her depends on what kind of Big/Little relationship the two of you want to have.

    She might enjoy the humiliation side - getting spanked for messing her diaper, discipline from Daddy, being bratty to elicit a punishment etc.. She might, conversely, like much softer and more caring scenarios like cuddles with Daddy, playing games together or being tucked into bed with her plushies and a lullaby from Daddy. We all enjoy different aspects of being a Big and/or Little, and it's important to communicate as to which elements you and your partner would like to explore.

    If you were to meet someone on Fetlife, there's a fairly good chance you'd be doing some darker ABDL things, because members of our community who are into that side of it tend, for various reasons, to gravitate towards Fetlife. That isn't to invalidate it as a resource or suggest that you're unlikely to meet someone compatible on there (you might well do!). It's just that people sign up to Fetlife for a different reason to signing up to ADISC, and thus you're likely to get individuals on there looking to explore some more, well, fetishistic elements of their ABDL.

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    oh... well thanks guys I was recommended fetlife by a babygirl on instagram as a means to find littles in my area. [Removed]
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    I guess honestly it depends on the girl. I am 100% baby girl and I couldn't imagine changing "daddy's" diapers. I wouldn't want my "daddy" to wear either. Probably sounds selfish but for me it is a big part comfort and security. I wish you all the best in finding your baby!! I do believe that my feelings are the rarity so luck is on your side there!!! XOXOXO.

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