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Thread: Love

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    Why would you want it to stop? It's the greatest feeling in the world imo

    ...unless it's one of those "untouchable" loves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jussen View Post
    Why would you want it to stop? It's the greatest feeling in the world imo

    ...unless it's one of those "untouchable" loves

    It's incredibly untouchable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candyman View Post

    It's incredibly untouchable.
    *puts foot in mouth*

    so uh... I don't know how to help I've been in that situation before, the only thing I can tell you is to try to occupy yourself with other things =o

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    Why not explain the situation?

    The we could help better.


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    Untouchable like my paper boys when I was in college? But you're 14, so that gives you a nice range. Wasn't Juliet 14, and Romeo 15 or something like that? It's the great beautiful age, the age to fall unreasonably in love, thou I know the pain. I tried to commit suicide over John, by drowning myself. How desperate is that? I wound up with a suicide card from my shrink. You know the one. When you're thinking about committing s., you give him a call and he talks you out of it, or sends the police and paramedics...haha...

    Anyway, I guess some sort of sketchy details are in order if we are to offer advise, otherwise you know how silly and ridiculous we can be. That's why I mention John, my parents newspaper boy while I was in college. You can't face problems if you aren't honest with yourself. So back to you. Is it a she or a he? Is this person your age, or different. If different, by how much? Or is this person just turned off to you, in which case you can only move on. Otherwise you really suffer, as I did. (though John wasn't turned off to was complicated) Sometimes, being older, and not as hot blooded, is a good thing. Best of luck, as we all have probably suffered in that area.

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    Sorry lad, I can't help you. I ,myself, has been hopelessly in love for over 2 years now. Has caused me nothing but pain and has done so much wrong for me. But hell, it also made me open my eyes and see what really matters. I don't wan't to give to give out any details, since I'm still mourning it. Maybe I can give advice in PM, but not on an open board, sorry.

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    I hate love. It costs a lot of money and smells bad. The only way out it suicide.

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    Are you sure it not gas because people confuses gas with love sometime.

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