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    11 Bit studious released a new game recently called this war of mine. It's an indie game that's like 15 quid on steam (or like 20 bucks, I think).

    Anyway if you haven't heard of it I would suggest looking up some reviews or gameplay. I think it's a pretty good game.

    It's about civilians trying to survive in the middle of a war torn city under siege. The survival game mechanics are pretty neat, you find a shelter, build stuff in it to improve your shelter (beds, heaters, water filters etc). At night you go out and scavenge around the city.

    But beyond the scavenging their is a pretty deep message about the horrors of war for civilians stuck in the middle of it. It's a pretty unforgiving game. one wrong move and you could put your whole group of survivors in danger. for example I went to scavenge in the deserted mall. Game across a solider who was trying to rape this women. I had a choice to make whether or not to help her. I felt like being moral and trying to save her and ended up at the wrong end of his assault rifle. I lost my best scavenger that night and the whole group suffered. Not only from the lack of resources coming in from her but emotionally too as they missed the friend who they had just lost.

    The game is great at forcing you to make hard decisions and also the war can take it's tool on you. I went 27 days in the game not killing a single person. I was proud of this. Then the days got colder, food was short and one of my survivors was killed by a group while scavenging. I went back to that group with a knife and a assault rifle and showed no mercy. It was kinda harrowing to see how the game had changed not only my tactics of survival but had completely shifted my moral compass. How I was slowly able to justify the murder of others for the good of my group.

    Thought the game might interest someone. If it does it's worth looking up.

    Thanks for reading

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    Gonna check it out. Thanks.

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    I just got this game yesterday and it sent me for a serious feels trip on my best campaign. I made it to day 15 before my best scavenger was killed by bandits. That scavenger was the last hope to get food and bandages for one of the guys who was seriously wounded from a bandit attack on our hideout. When Marko died, the other two sat in their room with no food while one guy bled to death slowly and painfully. I had the guy in better shape try and pep talk the dying guy and it was the saddest thing I've ever seen in a game. The dying guy laid on the ground in pain, not being able to go on while the survivor pleaded with him to hang on so they could make it out of there alive, even though he was whispering under his breath "What's the point, he's lost too much blood anyway." They spent the rest of that day talking to each other before they both went back to lying in bed. Wounded guy didn't make it through the night, and the survivor committed suicide after realizing he was the last one.

    Those final moments of game play were so depressing I had to shut off the game. I can't believe how emotionally attached I became to the characters.

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