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    OK, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for here by posting this. Maybe other's thoughts?

    I'm 36 years old and am male. I've always been intrigued and excited by AB/DL aspects as well as CD/LG. My wife is cool with it and has participated in play time on a few occasions... But I seem to be running on empty these days.

    I've had my T levels checked and they are low. I look back and realize that they probably have always ran low. I was not a walking bag of male horniness when I was in my teens and I think that the low T is more prevelant now that my natural hormone levels have started to wane (post 30). I've got two boys from my ex so I know that things worked enough. My wife and I married this past March and I started on androgel. It seemed to help some. I then started some GNC Performance & Vitality. That seemed yo help considerably. My issues were interest related and not actual southern functions. During the summer though I had an incident with failure to sustain an irrection. I actually orgasmed with a lose of erection. It freaked me the F out! I was still 35 and stuff was not working properly. I've had issues since of inability to become errect as well as loss of interest. If I have to pee real bad in the morning, it will often be erect but otherwise doesn't want to cooperate. I had my T levels retested after 7 months on three pumps of androgel a day and my levels had risen from 220 to 279. That's not much...but I was functioning at 220! I'm wondering how much of this is psychological as I am kinda freaked. I'm afraid to try anything with my wife as I feel like a failure. We've gotten each other off without intercourse but we're wanting a baby so intercourse is needed. I feel like I'm shorting her.

    Any thoughts? Yes, I'm diabetic but after losing 66lbs, I am not insulin dependent any longer. My doc gave me some samples of Cialis and Viagra...but I'm still stuck on my age and not sure what to do.

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    Also, I feel that I am denying her a normal sex life as I seemed to not be excited unless its getting kinky.

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    I'm no doctor, but you might want to have a closer conversation with yours or seek a better one.

    NO, , and the related PDE5 which (in overly simple terms) shuts it off is an extroardinarily important part of the whole tumescence system and I would imagine those samples would rapidly define whether your problem lies there or in some other state of injury or disease.

    You'll have to pardon my ignorance but my brain - or Google - is not expanding "CD/LG" to something that appears relevant. Clue me in? Especially if it's a new kink I haven't managed to collect yet.

    I'm not really sure what's up, but dehydration and temperature can take their toll (this summer here in New England was brutal and I was not on any antiandrogens then - the 'chilled' side effect probably would have helped, in retrospect).

    Erectionless ejaculation isn't an impossibility and you'll probably get there sooner or later if you edge long enough (two days, for instance, should do it ). Also, you're messing with your T but not commenting on your your sperm quality - if kids are the goal exogenous T is not necessarily what you're after unless a trained endo or reproductive specialist has decided it's your best bet. see e.g. and the well known situation with steroid abusers - you can 'replace what you're missing', but you're telling your body to shut down in the process.

    There are numerous actual fertility treatments available if sperm quality is an issue. Those are going to attack it somewhere from the LH , FSH , and related axes. For instance, these are a few among many examples of states that could cause issues with T and are the sort of thing doctors get paid to look for or rule out:

    "Low T, have some gloop" seems likely to be this decade's treatment that becomes the next one's scandal - but as far as I can tell the idea was to market it to males over 50 who wanted a boost in vitality and didn't mind if they were going to have to stick with it (or what it'd do to their fertility).

    So: First of all, seek out a fertility specialist or endocrinologist, not just a 'prescribing androgel' specialist, to determine if you have any actual fertility issues.

    Then recognize that different people can have different sensitivities to androgens. I intentionally 'recreationally' cycle antiandrogens for personal reasons (if the results are permanent - I'm aware of the risks and so be it) and still need to shave and shed my 'bear hair' like a (#$%^$*#$ - even at 'castrate' doses, though I've not had the courage to go find someone to test me after six months on such and tell me what my levels really are. My results, via mail in spit-test years ago, where dead boringly average, but you could easily mistake me for a lumberjack if I put in the effort to work out (then, anyway; unfortunately it takes much more conscious effort to preserve mucle mass with low T). Just because your numbers aren't "perfect" on one chart of averages doesn't mean they're not what your overall genome is made to function with and maintain equilibrium at.

    TL;DR: See a reproductive specialist if you want kids and an endocrinologist if you're worried low T is causing you general systemic problems. Go back to Dr. Androgel if you don't care if your nuts work in ten years but want to look good for that bike race in six months or just generally "feel more manly" - while you can keep in supply.

    Other interesting herbs I've played with which modulate 'interest' are:

    "Horny Goat Weed" (basically nature's Viagra - another PDE5 inhibitor -with an added effect of making prostatic fluid or something else build up down there until you're ready to explode. If you want massive, though not necessarily creamy, loads and 'rapid refill' keep up with that and stay hydrated and you'll have an interesting evening or three. Note that among other things it might be mildly carcinogenic ... like many plants are, but it's your body, so do your research and take your own risks.

    "Tongkat Ali": Apparently at high risk to be contaminated with mercury, but this like some sort of natural testosterone agonist. I have a few grams of "100x" extract or such in two little plastic dishes and occasionally chip off a piece if I feel like I want to feel a bit more masculine or 'up for something'. It's bitter, but it's effective.

    "Yohimbine": The old standby in US supplements. Stay far away, then take ten steps back from that. Not only is this a shitty aphrodisiac, it's a shitty stimulant and I will be bluntly honest that the only 'passion' it's ever induced in me is 'passionately psychotic rage' - seriously, bad scenes and I am the opposite of an anger prone person. Set and setting have had something to do with it - twice involved those silly "Stacker" energy pills that I was simply relying on to both do my job, care for a family member in the hospital, and set up a birthday present for someone else naturally rage prone... which, following 24+ hours of no sleep, resulted in the gift smashed to pieces and some of my toes potentially broken (only because I took up the recipient on his insistence on destroying it if it weren't moved, at that very moment, after 10 hours of planning to put it in an ergonomic position and running cables to position it thus ... and another involved boredly polishing off the last 3 or 4 in a dollar store bottle just before mom's side of the family staged an 'intervention' for my failure to sit still and listen to her grievances against my father, which were, quite frankly, between them, resulting in a halfhearted suicide attempt and a few nice days in the hospital. If this is an 'aphrodisiac', it's an aphrodisiac for those cultures that like to grab them underage and pack in sand to make them bleed (not that I've followed up on exactly which African culture cultivates the plant, so no insult meant, only sharing my perspective. YOHIMBINE: NOT EVEN ONCE.

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    I guess i would like to point of that i think it is important to get a proper check up from your doctor. Main reason being is that you mentioned that you are a diabetic and even though you are no longer on insulin my guess is that you did have some issues with glucose control? Unfortunately with diabetes this is a well KNOWN complication of the disease. Problems with microcirculation of the body are common and this means that it can affect everything from the brain (with an increased risk of stroke), to the heart (with an increased risk of heart attack) as well as the kidneys (potential for kidney failure if not properly managed) and more importantly smaller vessel circulation such that the feet and in males it definitely affects the vascularity of the penis. Based on what you have said i think that this would be something that needs to be more investigated as having signs of vascular compromise means that there is definitely still something going on and you should get it assessed and managed as soon as possible.

    Whilst that will look at the whole lot of problems you have got going on i wouldn't be too worried about your testosterone levels, particular if you have previously not had issues with tit in the past and have managed to have children with a different partner. I mean to say there are plenty of people who do have a lower level of testosterone and aren't even aware of it. Boosting the levels might improve your general sexual desires, libido and energy levels but it can have side effects - with eventual changes to weight/muscle as well as increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and other vascular problems being made worse. This is something with for you being a diabetic is important to consider as this sort of process is already going on as part of this disease and to increase your risk further with supplemental testosterone means you will have a higher then average risk of having these sorts of complications. Therefore, this is why it is important to be able to get properly assessed to see what is going on.

    Yes, the medication that has been given to you - viagra, etc. are able to help with increasing the quality of your erection. However keep in mind that as you pointed out in your post, erection and sexual contact is far more then about a pure vascular change in your body (which is what the medication only target). This targets only one of the many areas that are involved with intercourse and thus, may only be able to improve things slightly.

    Personally, and i don't want to be mean about it or anything but it seems like you are already fairly aware of what the issues might be, i think a lot of your problem no related to the "psychological" wellbeing. I definitely don't mean that in a bad way and it is something that is important that you are able to express and talk about with someone so that those concerns are addressed. But you mentioned that you feel horrible because you are only in your 30's and seem to be having the problems that are more often associated with males in there later years. This is a legitimate concern you have, and i can completely understand where you are coming from with this. However, you need to be aware that this is part of a bigger picture problem for you, something that your diabetes is potentially feeding into. You also expressed your guilt about not being able to perform for your current partner who wants to have kids. My bet is that this is the biggest thing that is contributing to your "performance" issues, that you describe. If you stress about being able to be the man that your partner wants that this will cause problems with all the things you have described above. Being stressed (even as part of your everyday life) will naturally suppress your testosterone levels (and thus this could be why you are currently having lower levels then normal) as well as causing issues with performing with your partner. The more you dread intercourse and feel guilty about not being the person that your partner wants the more likely it is that you will have issues when it comes to the time of actually performing.

    I don't really have many suggestions on how to improve everything. But i think you should see your doctor and get a general wellbeing check up - focusing specifically on what problems you diabetes may have already caused to your body and looking at your risks for heart/stroke/kidney/eye problems and ensuring that thing do not worsen. Looking at your risk of problems in these areas based on all the other factors that play into that is important to talk with your doctor about (things like smoking, family history, if you have high cholesterol/triglycerides plus other factors contribute which need to be discussed with your doctor) I think also talking with your partner would be a good start. Expressing your concerns about performance issues as well as how you are feeling guilty about not potentially being what she wants you to be is important. Being open with your partner might be able to help with a lot of the psychological problems that you have describe above. Failing that i think it could be beneficial to actually talk with a counsellor or psychologist. They are very good at being able to provide you skills that can equip you to better cope with everyday life problems and allow you to better manage any stress that you are experiencing. They are also very good at being able to help you understand your internal concerns and being able to express these worries often helps people feel better about things in general so that is always a good thing to do.

    Hopefully that is helpful for you.

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    Very good post, something I can totally relate to. I am an incontinent and in my early 40's. I too have Low-T issues and what appears to be possible thyroid issues as well. I think my levels when first tested were in the mid-100s. Not good! So I started on Androgel. This only raised it up a little, somewhere in the low 200's. Not enough for me! So the doctor prescribed Axiron, which I believe was stronger (goes under the arms, which I liked better). THat brought it up some (I think a check was still in the 200's, but the IMPORTANT thing is how you feel at those levels, since everyone is different and there is a wide range of "normal".)

    I wasn't satisfied with the numbers and still had issues, so the doctor increased my axiron to 4 pumps/day (2 each arm) in the morning. This worked, as my T level went into the higher 400's. I felt better, yes. But I still had similar issues where I would have an erection, but mid-love making, it would go down like a sinking ship! It was because I was thinking more about the PROBLEM than what I was DOING, and how it felt! (ADHD?) Still, what matters at this point is that you tell your significant other your problems, and that it is NOT because of them! THis is VIP, because after a while, a sexually dysfunctional person may be more apprehensive to try again for fear of failure. If your sig other (SO) is understandable and cool with that, they will work with you and understand. If not, then you have to go a different route, but I can't get into that here!

    The important part is to get your T level back up. WIth the gels, it's important you're clean every morning before applying and you have to stick to doing it DAILY. I just changed insurance and they don't cover axiron, so I was forced to try something else. This generic gel for Testin (?) gave me a rash so this I I talked to my Uro and we decided to try injections (1x week). I believe this will work best for me (perhaps you as well?) because it's not an everyday thing (I was having problems keeping up with applying every day and think that caused me problems) and you KNOW it's getting into your body!

    I'm feeling great after two weeks of this, and I do feel as if my T level is back in the 500-600 based on how I feel in the mornings primarily, but also during the day. So yes, I also feel it's important to get this in check, because regardless of what's happening with your body and the fact you cannot really control the low T to begin with, your SO will still eventually feel left out and not appreciated or wanted in the sexuality dept. THis is very important to keep up!!

    Don't give up, just talk to a Uro you can trust and check out the alternatives. The shot thing is kinda cool because you can have HER give you the actual shot in to buttocks. My wife likes doing it, and there's something cool about standing naked in front of her, with my hands on a table bending down slightly and having her use her hands to touch me and find the right spot for the needle. We joked about it, etc. but it really adds a little bit of "kinky" to it (depends on how your play!), AND it brings you two together in the fight against your Low-T. I also feel this is a good sign that your SO understands the issue and is willing to help out to resolve.

    Just find what works, talk to your wife, make sure she knows it's you and not her, that she is beautiful and work out a deal that says you're willing to try anything and everything to get back on course.

    Don't freak out bc of your age, either. I've been sitting in the Uro's office many times and was surprised to see other young people in there as well. Yep, happens to all of us men. And we're still men, no matter what.

    Hope this helps.

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    Test boosters? I've heard good things about T-Bomb.

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    TO OP....

    I got tested last May for low-T. My testosterone was around 190(normal was around 900 for my age....29). The drugs they put me on were Clomiphene Citrate and L-Thyroxine......basically to preserve my manhood in case I wanted to have kids later in life(instead of using Androgel long term).

    I was retested in October and the T levels shot back up to 920.

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