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Thread: Size of Goodnites Package?

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    Default Size of Goodnites Package?

    I'm buying my first Goodnites next week and I'm wondering what the dimensions of the package are. I'll probably be buying a pack of 24 (L/XL) but if that is unavailable I'll be buying two 11 packs, so could you please tell me the dimensions of both in inches (length, depth and height)? I'm wondering so I can know what bag to bring to the store to fit the package in.

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    Just about any reusable bag will hold them or a backpack.

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    You definitely can fit a single 11 pack in a backpack; 2 shouldn't be a huge deal. I believe a 24 pack would fit in my backpack, but I usually order online (which means 30 packs), so I don't know for sure.

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    I don't have exact dimensions, but you should be okay with a generic reusable shopping bag. Most stores have them out now where people can just take one for their shopping trip that day. They're usually by the checkout. You could take one they have in the store and test-fit the package right there. I'm positive 2 11 packs would fit in a single bag but maybe not a 24 pack. Then again, I have never bought a 24 pack of Goodnites before so what do I know? Good luck!

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