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Thread: Abena M4 or North Shore?

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    Default Abena M4 or North Shore?

    I'm trying to decide whether to buy Abena M4's or the North Shore diapers. Which one do you think I should get? Do the North Shore's have much print on them (I prefer a plain white diaper or colored diaper if it doesn't have baby prints on it)? Also, is the absorbency of North Shore as good as Abena? And how thick and crinkly is the North Shore compared to Abena?

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    Abena M4's are still likely the better diaper over all. Northshore diapers are easily less thick unless Abena cutback on thickness in the last few years.

    If you want a thick diaper that goes for hours on end get the M4's. If you want daytime wearing diaper and prefer to keep it hidden northshore is better for that. Though it is crinkly, but that's pretty much silenced if you got tight boxer-briefs.

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    What you should do is ask for a free sample of the NorthShore supreme diaper, just go on the website and chat with a care expert (whatever they call themselves). Anyone of us can give you our personal thoughts on both brands but you could find out for yourself. Xpmedical will sell you a sample of Abena's for a few bucks. I recently bought Absorbency plus and Dry24/7 samples from Xp so I could test and compare.

    If you want them, my opinions between the two:
    Supremes: plain white backing with blue writing/wetness indicator down the center, padding is way to stiff but does not break apart like other brands, good capacity, tapes were ok.

    Abena: not as nice looking but better quality plastic, padding soft and comfortable but falls apart after a few hours, great capacity, great tapes.
    Both are about the same thickness from what I remember.

    Personally I choose Abena because they fit me better, they feel softer inside and are comfy to wear. I was not impressed with the Supreme diapers at all except that the padding did not fall apart after hours of wearing. The stiff feeling (like cardboard) between the legs made them unenjoyable to wear.

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    I like both, but that being said I like a variety. The North shore Premiums fit me better. Overall I think the absorbency is pretty close. Abena just isn't as good as they used to be. Everyone is a different shape and size so I say try both and see what works best for you. North shore will send you free samples upon request so I would give them a try since you have nothing to lose.

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    I just bought some northshore diapers that arrived today. I've only used one so far, but I really really love the northshore.

    I haven't had opportunity to do any proper measurements, but I wore it on campus through several classes over about 8 hours. There was still plenty of capacity left when I changed it, and there was absolutely zero clumping. The "downside" of them is that the padding is very stiff, almost like cardboard (I like it but I know others don't). In my opinion the padding being stiff like that is probably what causes it not to clump, and a lot of that can be mitigated by creasing the diaper in half lengthwise and also stretching it out (there's a video on northshore's site about how to do it). It also didn't swell up like I remember abenas doing. To me for this specific application (wearing on campus) that's a plus, but then others may not like that in different circumstances.

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    ok my vote is north shore and i will tell you why i have been using ns for the past two weeks and all i can say is wow these diapers might been thinner but i think that they hold alot more than abena. they are more discreet too. i have went to not wearing often due to irritation from abena to wearing almost 24/7 with ns. i can wear ns under cloths they dont have the rustle that abena has. this diaper are truly a DL best friend when wearing in public.

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    In my experience, the northshores are a lot more absorbent than Abena M4s. I have a pretty good ritual of fluffing the northshore diapers and got it down to where it really isn't that stiff when I put it on. I wear about 2 of theirs a day with a less absorbent diaper for the first half the day. I usually can stay in a northshore from about noon until 7 pm with only using the diaper as my potty. I'll give you an example of how good it was: I went to a festival in a town an hour and a half away. I put a northshore on with one abena normal booster (as a just in-case) on at around 7am. Throughout the entire day and lots of walking and I even had to do number two towards the end of the day. Everything stayed in the diaper, no blow outs, no leaks. I finally got home around 5:30 pm to change my diaper. There were no rashes, I could have almost done one more wetting without it leaking. I've gone over to that city before and would have had to change the abena probably at 1 or 2 pm even with a booster. I have indeed done it. To me, these diapers are a godsend. With the new increase of Abenas 10 to 20 percent next year, molicares switching completely to cloth as well, Northshore really is going to be the diaper to go to. It will end up being cheaper or the same even after shipping costs once the Abenas do their price increase.

    edit: fix word mispelling.

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    I just tried the NS supreme last night for the first time. My take is that it's a better diaper than the Abena M4; mostly for only one reason though: no clumping and falling apart. In my experience this has been a long standing problem with any Abena diaper, and it's a deal breaker for me. Yes, it's true that the NS diapers are a little stiff and not as soft...but for me personally that doesn't outweigh the fact that they don't fall apart after extended use. The one I used last night I wore for a total of about 4 hours, 1.5 hours of which was spent wet. I wet it approx 3 times in that time period (drinking beer). They don't swell much, if at all, but they held together great. I feel like I didn't even come close to their capacity, they hold a lot! NS recommends stretching and creasing it before use to help soften it up. They even have a video on their website showing you what to do. I didn't try it because I was too excited to put it on! Next time perhaps I will.

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    Dry 24/7's ( are by far the best diaper I have used. I haven't used a NS diaper. I have used M4 and they do clump. Personal Care has a diaper that has a gel core to it that is also very good.

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