Hello everyone !

I have a few questions about two brands that I don't know quite well : Moltex and Affective.
they seem to be both produced by the same company and mainly distributed in hispanic countries.

There is a sale on a flash sales website I'm following and I would like to have a few info before knowing if I should order or not.

The sale includes Moltex youth pants. Some kind of underjams/drynites diapers, however, I was unable to find a picture of the actual diaper.

If someone knows them, could you tell me if they are plain white or with design ? A picture would be nice if you have one :p

About their adult diapers, I found some infos there :
Affective diapers but I'm not sure about a few things :
Are those diapers plastic-backed ? Are they worth it in term of absorbency/fit/comfort ?

The sales I'm following are only for large amount of diapers (more than 80 diapers), so I wouldn't like to get my hands full of diapers I don't like. =)