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Thread: Any Ab/dl's in Nebrasak area

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    Default Any Ab/dl's in Nebrasak area

    I apologize if this is the wrong spot to post this but i did do a searcha nd found that nobody had posted it. I live in Omaha and was wondering if there are any nebraska/iowa Ab/Dls out there. if there is a better place to search for this let me know and again i apologize for using up thread space

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    We prefer to get to know people before we consider meeting people and so on. Get around the forums. Post. Maybe come on IRC and get to know people there. It is the best way to make friends. Once we know you better people who live closer to you might be more willing to meet you.

    They won't be me though, I sort of have the Atlantic ocean to contend with before I am even in the right country.

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    The best place to see if there are others nearby is to go to the Regulars forum and look at the global frappr ADISC map. Not everyone has added themselves from the site but hopefully more will.
    Sorry but I'm 5 states away.

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    ADISC is an online community, not a place to arrange real-life meetups. Occasionally more established members do meet-ups, but these are discussed in places that are accessible only to members that have been around a while.

    Try posting around and participating in the community for a few months. Eventually you'll gain enough access and trust that people are willing to meet up with you.

    Thread closed.


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