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Thread: How would a canadian get covered for diapees?

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    Question How would a canadian get covered for diapees?

    Im just wondering how if i do become incontinent on purpose is there a way to get government to cover you for diapees monthly. Just am curious thats all nothing else and you can discuss how it works if you know it does and what process is involved. Thanks for reading.

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    Becoming incontinent on purpose just to get free diapers from the government is just not right. . . this kind of thread isn't taken too kindly here from what I've seen.

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    If you get government-sponsored diapers, they won't be anything like Bambinos or anything - they'd be probably something like Depends. Also, self-inflicted medical conditions are unlikely to be covered. Becoming incontinent to get free diapers might even be prosecutable as fraud (potentially enough to land you in jail).

    Don't do it.

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    That is a very, very, very bad idea. Not only will you be on charges for fraud, but incontinence is NOT reversible. If you're actually thinking of somehow damaging your bladder, You may think that you're going to like living incontinent, and you may think that you're ready to do so, but when you have to get a job or go to an interview or just go out in public, it will be extremely inconvenient for you. Furthermore, good luck finding a girlfriend who wants to date someone who purposely and permanently damaged his body because he likes to piss his pants.
    Also, even though this is hypothetical, it just wouldn't work.

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    This is not a good idea for the following reasons:

    1. Most methods to cause IC will harm your body

    2. Getting free diapers from the government/health insurance is fraud, and thus illegal.

    As an aside, people with IC have indicated the government/insurance generally only covers the cheap diapers, like Depends.

    Seeing as we don't allow threads discussing self-harm and breaking the law (rule 6), closed.

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