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    Recently, I made the purchase to buy a toddler's sippy cup with a flow inhibitor attached. I wanted to save it for when I get my Bellissimos, which will hopefully get here by tomorrow, but I wanted to try something out. Before I went to bed, I heated up some milk to room temperature and poured it into the cup. With my makeshift crib still set up, I brought the cup up with me to bed, got myself well padded and laid myself down. I began playing a bedtime lullaby loop on my iPad then propped myself against the wall to sit myself up and drink from my sippy cup.

    I was loving every minute of it. Not only was the music so sweet and loving that it made me feel like a baby, but slowly suckling warm milk from a sippy cup was the icing on the cake. The milk had begun to make me drowsy, but I kept on drinking. When I was finished, I felt so drowsy that I just, popped my pacifier into my mouth, set aside the sippy cup and laid down to let the lullabies drift me to sleep.

    It is one of the few times where I have felt truly little, and I could not believe it. I felt so happy, so helpless and so innocent when I was drinking. I might have to try it again, cuz despite being very drowsy I didn't get the goodnight sleep I hoped I'd get. Nonetheless, I found that drinking warm milk while laying down in my makeshift crib was not only helpful, but so enjoyable.

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    I can't stand lukewarm milk, but I do drink some strawberry milk an hour or so before bed to help this little one drift off to dreamland. (I also lace it with just a little bit of Irish Cream. Littles shouldn't be ingesting anything that's 35 proof, but too bad. Somtimes I like having one foot in grown up land, while the other resides in kiddie town.)

    It's hard not to feel little when downing a cup of PINK milk. LOL

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    Oooh, that sounds nice. That would go especially well with my sippy cup considering is a nice soft pink colour.

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    Just today I drank from it again, this time putting Banana Nesquik into some cold milk. Another thing I like about my sippy cup is that the flow inhibitor really makes it feel like you don't want more than what's inside the cup. I can usually drink 500ml within a short space of time and be satisfied, but my 250ml cup can feel so filling after I've drunk every last drop of milk inside.

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    Strawberry milk is awesome enough, and is multiplied tenfold when drank from a bottle or a sippy cup. I do definitely want to try warm milk eventually; your experience sounds heavenly.

    And I can second the filling feeling. Milk from a bottle fills me up more than the same amount from a cup; and sometimes I'll fill my bottle again simply because drinking from it is so delectable.

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    I haven't been able to drink milk from my bottle yet. I really need to soon. Chocolate milk for me though.

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