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    Default my little pony

    im starting to think that its an ok show. at first i thought it was only for girls till i was shown last episode and thought it was awesome. who others watch it?

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    Which verson!

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    For G4 youre a few years behind other pony fans and for G3 and older not many people aside from young girls and littles like it =P

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    A bit late to the party, but welcome anyway.

    Like many people, I feel like the whole thing is kinda winding down. There's been a lot of community drama (as happens with any large thing), and certainly the love affair with Hasbro is over. Objectively the last few seasons have probably been about the same quality wise as the first few, but they just don't feel as good, and I think a large part of that has to do with dampened community spirit.

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    Yeah, few years late maybe but always welcoming another brony to the community

    OH yeah and I see that you leveled up. Congratz!!!
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    I watch it, although I have fallen out of the brony scene.

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    Welcome to the Brony Fandom.

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