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    I have no clue why I had this dream a few days ago.

    I was with my dad (I'm only 19) probably doing some work around some apartment buildings when we came across one that seemed to be well beyond its time. For some reason, we went in on the third level (because front doors are too mainstream) and I found that all the rooms were open, but they all had rotted corpses in them, lying on the beds. There was one room that appeared to be made out of tinfoil and had a window looking outward unlike the other rooms which had no windows.

    The place itself was abandoned, but there were several more apartments built around it and were being used by real people. But...I don't get it. The run-down complex I was in almost seemed like a burial ground for the insane. Any thoughts on this? I mean, that was one of those scary-but-not-quite-a-nightmare kind of dreams, so...

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    Sometimes rooms are "rooms" in your mind. Perhaps you have some memories that you are or want to suppress (dead people in beds) yet you are still living as others are around you? The tinfoil room has a window - windows can be opportunities or escapes. Maybe you have an opportunity for a new job or relationship?

    Dream interpretation is very difficult. Sometimes they mean nothing at all. I have a coworker who writes down all his dreams and tries to interpret them. Maybe it's his religious beliefs?

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    Not sure how much stock should be put into dream interpretation. Maybe a good idea would be to use them as catalysts: Does the interpreation highlight some aspect of life that could benefit from some more attention, and that might see benefits that aren't dependent on the correctness of the interpretation?

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    I am glad that You and Your dad found each other safely in this very scarey, sad place with dead and crazy people -
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