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Thread: For Music Listeners..

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    If there are any popular music artists that you enjoy listening to, who would you like to meet? I can accept music artists from any genre and from any era as an answer. In my personal opinion, I think I want to see Don Henley, the famous lead singer of Eagle, and Philip Oakley of the Human League because they are very talented singers.

    NOTE: If you want to add a little bonus, you may feel free to ask for an autograph.

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    I'd love to meet Bruce Springsteen as we both grew up in the same neck of the woods. The other person I'd love to meet is Billy Joel. He has an amazing voice, especially in terms of what he does with a song.

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    Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen; Brad Paisley.

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    I would love to meet: Chris Martin from Coldplay, Josh Dunn and Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots |-/, and last but not least Gerard Way. I'm not sure what I would ask for though. Meeting them and getting a photograph with them might be enough.

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    Donald Fagen, Neil Peart (or anyone from rush for that matter), Neil Young, Erykah Badu, Robert Plant, MF DOOM and Prince

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    I'm with D0ris on the Rush comment. I love Rush. I'll also go with Tom Petty, Anyone from the Eagles, or ZZtop.

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    I only can stand classic rock from the 60s to 80's new music sucks. I only luve classic and thats all i will luve ever. Classic is the bomb and Def Leppard rock.

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    Marco Minnemann: The god of odd time signatures.

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