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Thread: Hey im a Babyfur and now becoming ABDL

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    Red face Hey im a Babyfur and now becoming ABDL

    Hey heres my bio document i made to explain me a bit

    I am a now becoming a ABDL i now even when cuddling my Jumbo Teddy, with diapee on and sippy cuppys i got now. I feel like a toddler doing as described earlier I even cant wait to get adult pacifier and feel younger than my fursona. My fursonas a five year old not potty twained cub whose mother gave up on it. Now hes slowly being taught to change himself but not yet ready. This is one aspect of my fursona in the bio linked with word document linked to download.
    I am also a 24/7 wearer who likes to be soggy all day . I oddly like this and will let myself over time lose control of bladder. I had desire to be incontinent for four years now will let it happen. I just had to say about my ABDL life. I even get attached to stuffys to much now have a baggy stuffy to carry everywhere. I oddly get attached to teddys and stuffys to easily. You can tell am babyfur by bad punctuation i did on purpose.

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    Welcome! Glad to have you here. Is there anything you're interested in besides AB/DL/BF stuff? We like to get to know the person behind the diaper here as well as their AB/DL self.

    You should be careful about trying to become incontinent - diaper training yourself is one thing (becoming really used to using a diaper while you're wearing one), but trying to become completely incontinent usually requires some sort of self-injury.

    I'd also be careful about using baby talk and bad punctuation on purpose - one of the rules of ADISC is actually "no baby talk; use standard English". Also, just a warning, your post is approaching being a "fantasy" post rather than an introduction, and I don't like to see new members banned. ADISC frowns on "state of your diaper" (i.e. "soggy all day") type posts as well.

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    I'm not using baby talk on this site much and i was just being my true ABDL self not trying to sound bad i just didn't think saying like being soggy was frown upon on site. I just was being honest following the sticky you posted on the forums of tips. I didnt know it was frown upon i just was being my true self. I will then not say it again and i do use proper english on this site now.

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    Welcome to the group. No worries. Mistakes happen. Everyone at some point is going to do something like that.

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