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Thread: What about an AB/DL/ Incont neighborhood?

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    Default What about an AB/DL/ Incont neighborhood?

    Boystown, Castro, Dupont Circle, South End are all known for being gay neighborhoods (gayborhoods if you prefer). They have concentration of gay residents much higher than other areas which fosters gay friendly attitudes and support gay-owned and gay focused businesses (like gay bars).

    I've been looking at information about gay neighborhoods lately because I'd love to have that for AB/DLs. I've read so many AB/DL themed stories where 2 people meet and they both secretly happen to be into diapers. In real life that's a statistical long shot, but what if it weren't. What if there was somewhere you could move where "medical supply shops" actually had enough demand that they could stock products like Fabines and SDKs. What if adult littles trick or treating was just seen as part of the charm of the neighborhood. What if a little accidental diaper peekage was actually pretty common. So many amazing things could come from a neighborhood like that.

    I love the idea until you get to the question of "Where?".

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    It could happen, but it would basically require a ton of ABDLs to buy out a neighborhood. It would be awesome, but we'd need some community members with serious money to start up something like that. Your best bet is probably going to be finding other ABs/DLs for housemates or roommates through something like Fetlife. If I had enough extra income to start renting a house, I'd definitely try to get more ABs/DLs to move into the area!

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    I like the idea of a neighbourhood where ABDL stores were available, and there was generally a free and easy attitude to Littleness, but if it actually happened, chances are it'd be a pretty regular neighbourhood. Most of us have to work, deal with adult situations and in some cases provide for families. I couldn't see a neighbourhood ever existing where everybody was totally babyish all the time, and for ABs/Littles with their own kids, it would probably be quite a confusing place to bring someone up.

    So would I like to live in an AB neighbourhood? Sure. Do I think it would be vastly better than living in a normal neighbourhood? Not really.

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    If i ever won a lot of money i want to buy an loft bulding for ab/dl to live in
    Those of us alone and those that dont fit in.
    Kind of a community supporting our selves all working for the greater good .
    Of one another.
    Oh well a dream of mine.

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    In my view I don't think the world should keep making all these little groups we should be free to be whom we want to be, I don't like tags I don't like clicks I just want to be me and I think sociaity has gotten it all wrong long as people are happy and not getting hurt I don't think anyone no matter what it is should have to right to question it so a neighborhood is only good when you mix all them different people in one place and they all get along so making the place all the same would distroy something in the traslation I think but this is my view on the matter

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    I think realistically I would buy a condo or apartment complex (in theory if I had the money I don't have) then try to get AB/DL's to live in it. Essentially I would be the landlord and hell I would probably have Moo be like the assistant landlord or I would be the assistant landlord while was the primary Landlord because you know Moo would be able to help manage differences in the community to at least a limited extent. Honestly I would even make small donations to that if Moo where to hypothetically start something like that.

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    I've fantasised about this line of thing but realised it wouldn't work as a suburb or neighbourhood. A the hills have eyes style rural town. Yes but not a suburb. For one your would have 2 dons looking after 12 subs. If that don't make them crack and then a bunch of let's say asburgers adolescents walk around a street yelling "are you my mummy"? Make media attention then you are living in a very liberal area

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    I don't think I was as clear as I could have been about the scope I was thinking. Gay people who live in gay neighborhoods still have to work, still have to eat, still have to do all the stuff people do. And it's not like there's a law declaring it a gay neighborhood, anyone is free to move in or out as they choose. That's more along the lines of what I was thinking. The average municipality in my state has around 15.5k residents, what if say .3k (300) were AB/DL. Perhaps in a concentrated area, perhaps just spread over the entire town. Enough that you wouldn't necessarily know everyone and enough that if you see someone bending over in a grocery store and think you might have seen a diaper, there's a real possibility that it's not just wishful thinking.

    Don't get me wrong, there could be a loft or condo community where some rich AB is specifically screening applicants so everyone could feel free to walk around in just their diapers etc. But I was more thinking just a normal area where everyone lives normal lives but people of our persuasion are present in large enough numbers to actually affect business.

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    The reason I like the loft idea the shops down stairs support us up stairs to buld more community's.
    If the resident's are AB aware then we can feel ok being around one another .

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    The problem with any kind of group living is that you're going to attract more than your fair share of people who might be crazy or have trouble supporting themselves independently. That's not related to ABDL, it's related to selection bias for group living.

    If we're talking about a regular neighborhood, the problem you run into is that we're small. Compare all the Bay Area ABDL groups combined (pretend they don't overlap) to the number of gay people. We're talking about maybe a thousand people into ABDL total across the whole Bay Area, whereas I'd guess that the gay population is close to a million people.

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