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Thread: Warning: Tranquility ATN's Problem

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    Default Warning: Tranquility ATN's Problem

    Hey everyone, I've been experiencing a rather annoying problem lately, so I figured I'd share it with you guys as a warning.

    The past several diapers I've used (all medium Tranquility ATN's) all have had issues with the guards detaching from the diaper. They were all worn over varying amounts of time, so that's not the issue. The thing that finally pissed me off was when I untaped a used diaper to throw in the trash, the broken guards let all of the wet and soaked up pulp fall onto the floor, making a huge mess!

    The diapers have a manufacturing date of July 7, 2014 on them, but surely a couple of months sitting in the package cannot degrade them to that point! I've never had this problem with Tranquility before, but if their products are slipping in quality like this, I may have to move to another brand.

    Has anyone else been having this problem?

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    Yikes. I actually just bought my very first pack of ATNs last night, so I have only used one, and it was fine. Was it every diaper in the bag for you?

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    Well if the diapers where in the package like that I would suggest getting a sample somewhere and compare the sample to one's your having problems with. It's possible you could have gotten a fluke factory accident and they may even give you replacements if ask them. Sometimes it's not the diaper that's the problem. It could have been the assembly line worker who got fired last week for failing quality control tests to much for all one knows and you just got the one bad apple that got out the door. Go ahead and complain to whoever you bought them from and I suspect they will at least refund you if not replace them.

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