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Thread: Favorite little activity

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    Default Favorite little activity

    What makes you the happiest little little you can be?

    Two words: baby baths.

    Bubbles and plastic bath toys are my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

    You're turn

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    Books in bed. Getting out one of my touchy-feely board books and looking at all the bright pictures, turning on my lullaby Pooh bear (his cheeks glow as well - adorable!) and snuggling up with a hot water bottle. It's such a relaxing activity, and combined with cute pajamas, it makes me feel extremely little.

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    Diaper checks make me feel SO little and loved. Followed by diaper changes when I need one...being told to lay on my back, getting a paci put in my mouth,getting wiped,lotioned up and put in a fresh thick diaper!!

    I think most would agree that is the best feeling for us wittle babies!!

    Second best ... Teddy bears!!!

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    The best are stripping me down for a bath, then playino with bath toys.
    My second favorite was having my Mommy help me try on little boys PJs at target. I loved how she undid my big boy clothes and held the pajama pants as I stepped in them and she patted the front of my diaper. Made me feel sooooo little!

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    Heaven on earth for me is building ramps and bridges with my wood blocks, so I can run my toy cars up them. Nothing lights up the pleasure centers in this "little" boy's brain like watching the cars fly, flip, and crash.

    Although I must concur with the original poster: bubble baths are pretty awesome.

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    Playing with My toy cars and trucks and my NERF toy guns.

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    Coloring books and cuddling plushies.

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    Sucking on a pacifier and holding one of my pony plushes.

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    As plain as can be; just having a bottle.

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    I love going to the park to feed the duckies and going to visit all the animals in the zoo! I also love to play with my playmobil lots and lots too.

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