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Thread: Getting a proper sleep while babied

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    Default Getting a proper sleep while babied

    I'm making this thread at around...6 a.m. my time. I have spent the night in a makeshift crib, a layered diaper and a pacifier clipped to my shirt. It would've made for a great night...if I had gotten a proper night's rest from it all.

    Almost every 15 minutes, I found myself rolling or turning and just unable to find myself fully asleep. I tried different things throughout the night to try and get to me to a complete state of sleep, even going as far as to playing a lullaby loop on my iPad. But, every time I thought I was close to fully knocking myself out, I get pulled away and remained conscious.

    To be perfectly honest, this isn't the first time this has happened either. It always seems to happen whenever I wear to bed. I'm not sure whether it is the diaper's fault, the pacifiers or being in this crib, even though I'm resting on the mattress that I use regularly as my own bed.

    If anyone has any tips on getting a good night's rest while babied, I would love to hear your suggestions.

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    I think it's just a matter of getting used to it. I didn't make any focused effort and it took me years to get comfortable sleeping in diapers. It was hard enough to get to sleep but turning in my sleep would wake me up as I became acutely aware of the wrongness of the bulk. At this point, it makes no difference to me diapered or not. I found cloth was easier to sleep in starting out but I expect everyone is different. I think if I had made a concentrated effort, it would have taken much less time.

    Pacifiers were the same, except I barely woke up. I was oddly meticulous in my barely awake irritation as I'd always put the pacifier back on my bedside table. At this point, it's no different using it or not. I think we just have to add those conditions into our subconscious list of acceptable situations. It's a quicker adjustment for some than others.

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    Had that problem before if I went too long without wearing...built up too much hype.
    I've used some basic hypnosis to help me sleep before; nothing AB related, but it's pretty effective at getting you to relax.

    one of the better ones I've found was the 'Attaining entrancement' file on warpmymind, by haxsaw.

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    Like Trevor said, just have to get used to it sorry. But it's fun getting used to. I know when I started 'sleeping like a baby' it was just like you said...anything but..... I think it's part different, part excitement, part not wanting to miss out on the experience. That can be annoying when opportunities to do this aren't common. Since my partner is accepting, I sleep babied often and I'm quite used to it though I still wake periodically. But I do sleep really well, in fact I'd say possibly better.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh yeah, lullabies a are awesome. I especially like the fisher price YT

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    I have not done slept in a diaper yet, but do often have trouble sleeping.

    A hypnotic trick, like the one SleepyTyrant posted, usually works for me. Basically, count in your mind slowly from 1 to 10 (or higher depending on restlessness), on odd number, relax the left side of your body, on even numbers, the right side. I like to visualize letting my shoulder drop and hang loose. Synchronize it to deep relaxed breaths, relaxing the appropriate side while you are exhaling.

    Music playing usually keeps me awake, but the white noise of a standing fan will usually help me. (Unless you are Asian...)

    Other than that, you probably just need to get used to it.

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    Once I'm in my thick nighttime diaper,I suck on my pacifier. Then it's a matter of just making myself feel little, imagining that a Mommy or Daddy is going to take care of me, make sure the diapers stay on and stay snug. The hardest thing is knowing I have to pee and forcing myself to use the diaper laying down. I'm extra cautious of my wetting because it's not my bed. My chick dosent know o was wearing while she was away soooo wetting and keeping the diaper from leaking even with heavy-duty plastic pants was difficult. I wet while on my side and of course it leaked. Thank God it was an easy cleanup!

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    I went through a similar phase at the beginning. If you keep trying, you'll get over it quickly.

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    I usually diaper when I am having problems falling asleep.

    I will add that when I used makeshift diapers I could not fall asleep because they got so hot, and I was afraid of getting caught.

    But now that I have the real deal and my wife cuddles with me. I can meditate and fall asleep a lot easier, and get a sound sleep.

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    I think Ozbub said it for me.. it is the excitement and not wanting to miss it. I tried sleeping in a diaper on business trip and couldn't sleep very well. I was taking in the whole experience and couldn't sleep. I have yet to be able to wet while in bed. All in good time..

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    Recently I have wearing to bed nearly everynight with footy pj's and I haven't had such good sleep in a long time.

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