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Thread: diaper shopping got awkward but interesting

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    Default diaper shopping got awkward but interesting

    Ive been wanting to buy GOOD diapers online and have them shipped to a UPS store but they never got back to me.
    So I have been contacting local places to see what kind of diapers I can get my hands on. I got a response back from a local medical supply. Who told me about a pair of plastic pants they sold.
    So I find the building and search out the suite. I walked into this tiny office. Very personal. It was like walking into a doctors office. The receptionist asked me to fill out a form with all my information on it. Upon completing the form the owner called me back to her office and had a one on one with me about what I'm looking for. Of course I lied and said I "need" a quality diaper for my bedwetting along with plastic pants. She got excited and told me she had JUST what I needed. She went into this closet and pulled out a mollicare pullup and pad. Said they were the best around and held alot of fluid. Then introduced me to garywear plastic pants. The first one looked big and bulky in a medium but when she showed me the small in the blue, she asked if I wanted to try them on! She suggested I wear the pullup with it as well. Immediately I felt myself blush, but she showed me the curtian. So I said fuck it and she closed the curtain on me, I took off my pants and underwear and put the pullup on. It was a nice fit in the crotch but I knew it wouldn't do anything for me wettinger wise. I fumbled around with the plastic pants because they didn't fit right when I put them on the first 2 times. I was almost tempted to ask her for help. The smalls were a perfect fit. I've never been in plastic pants this comfortable before. As far as the pullup goes, I soaked it pretty much as I stood there waiting to pay for my plastic pants.
    I wrote her later that week and told her what had happened as far as the pullup goes and that I needed something like an abena. She told me she will look into something like that with her hartman rep and compair it to the molicares she firmly believes in.
    So now I wait and hope I can just get my hands on some abenas for those days I just wanna be in a thick diaper and baby the fuck out.

    Sorry if my story seems a bit boring lol

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    Well I have to say I don't think I would have the bottle to go and enquire about diapers that way, I get nervous just looking at them in the shops! Fair play to you

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    Molicares are actually really good diapers, at least the Super tape-up ones. I'd happily compare them to an Abena. If they're already distributing Molicare stuff, you'd probably have better luck asking them to stock the tape-up Molicare Supers. They can probably get them more easily, and they're great diapers.

    At any rate, I'm glad to hear you had such a positive experience. I've found that local medical supply stores are very friendly to work with, and they're brilliant if you can stumble onto one with good quality stock.

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