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    Default Writing their memoirs

    Has anyone ever heard this idiom? What does it mean? I heard it from a "friend" online and I can't get a straight answer from him what this means.

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    Not certain, but I'd assume it means writing out your whole life story to make a simple point, especially if it's in the context of "you don't need to write your memoirs". I'd consider it to maybe be a less common equivalent of "I don't need your life story" in response to someone giving an unnecessarily long-winded answer or going way off topic.

    In a strictly literal sense, your 'memoirs' are basically autobiographies which use a more literary style and often focus on childhood - though I'm not sure whether your confusion was over an enigmatic meaning, or about the literal definition of that phrase.

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    My friend's exact quote when we were talking about my stories,

    I imaging they eat breakfast and the young Landon says “I will have some friends over after school, so don't try to write their memoirs and please don't stink.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    My friend's exact quote when we were talking about my stories,
    I'm afraid I've no idea then. Sorry to be a disappointment!

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    "So don't try to write their memoirs"

    Don't ask them so many questions you could write a book about their life.

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