Hey folks!

Couple of weeks ago I came across a quite recent (January 2014) paper which deals with the ABDL-community: 'Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers: An Exploratory Study of an Online Community Sample' by Hawkinson and Zamboni.

The study kind of stands out, because the sample was recruited in online-communities (adisc among others) and it tries to examine statistically the self-perception of the community (eg whether subgroups like AB and DL really exist, whether diapers are used as coping mechanism and what have you...); very much attention to detail (as far as statistical methods go) but not very surprising results after all. They discovered that there are in fact two subgroups: One roleplaying, infantilistic, non-sexual group and one fetishistic group. But, they also concluded, that there might be more to it

The study is paywalled, but here is the link for everyone who might have access.

Has anyone else read it? Whats your opinion?