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Thread: My Baby Age??

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    Default My Baby Age??

    I have been reading about how SOOOO many of y'all love baby toys and children's toys.
    I am perfectly content in a thick diaper with my paci or a baba and I DO love my teddies and stuffies to cuddle and soothe me. But I am not into any other toys as such. I WOULD love baby clothes and super cute babyish looking clothes but cannot afford any right now.
    I do wet and sometimes mess my diaper.
    I am just wondering what age my little side would be??
    Thanks for any opinions!!! Hugs!!!

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    I'd personally place you around 2, give or take a little. Most kids around 2 start to loose interest in your average baby toys. This isn't true for all people, of course. I also liked to be diapered, but I only wet. I like pacifiers but not so much bottles, and I like blocks and coloring but not little toys like rattles and things. I like to see myself around 3, approaching 4 if I'm feeling really independent. I hope that's at least a little helpful. Good luck in your self searching.

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    I mean, kinda hard to quite pin it down myself. I mostly wanna answer with, "What age is your favorite?"

    But I know it's fun to hear when other people try to pin it down. I guess just out of the information you gave I would put you at like, 12 months old or even younger since you expressed an interest in super cute babyish clothes and baby clothes and you only really mentioned like plushies so toy wise there isn't much to pin it down further.

    Maybe if you expressed a little more the kind of things you enjoy during your age regression/ageplay, it might be a little easier. Explore how developed you like to play, how dependent on another you wish to be, and the like. What kinda clothes specfically you would like to wear. There are lots of questions that would help in this down more, if you are looking for fun little opinions. <3

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    As babies develop, they gain more interests. When babies are new born, they don't even see. During their growth periods, they not only see the world around them, but develop interests. In early development, if you hide an object, a baby will think it's gone, as if it's left their world.

    Since you seem to be pre toy, your "little" age would be less than two. But don't equate that to those of us who enjoy playing with baby toys. Most of us who regress would tell you that our "little age" is fluid. There are times I feel like I'm two, and other times I might feel like a three year old or four. There are times I age play as someone who might be nine or ten.

    When we regress, we go back to certain ages for some sort of psychological reason. Maybe it was an age where we were traumatized, and maybe it was an age where we were most happy. Who knows, but as we grow, we pass through all these ages and each one leaves its own imprint, good or bad. It's not unusual for people such as ourselves to re-visit a number of these ages, even experiencing several in one session of regression.

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    If you're at a point where you feel an attachment to your teddies in a way which seems to denote a close bond, chances are you're at least 12 months old, as this is the point in which babies tend to connect with their plushies as companions, and not just 'that fluffy thing in my cot'. However, as Dogboy says, if you have no interest in toys and are still very attached to your paci, chances are your Little age isn't going to be older than 2. So yeah, I'd say somewhere between 1-2 years old.

    However, Little ages are not a fixed thing, in terms of the age you identify with, or whether you mix-and-match elements of different ages at a single time. For example, my most common 'baby age' is about 18 months. However, when identifying at this age, I use a vocabulary size which a child wouldn't develop until an older toddler age, and can read my board books to myself. On the other hand, I use rattles, bath books and baby bottles at the same time - all items which are usually favoured by babies of under a year old.

    If it helps you to have an 'age' you can identify as, then that's great. However, I wouldn't get hung up on trying to fit your development entirely to what's normal at your chosen age(s). One of the fun things about being an AB/Little is that you can pick and choose the bits of infancy/toddlerhood/childhood which appeal to you most, and mash them all together like Gerber food!

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    My baby age is around two(2) also and love playing with toy's I also have my dummies and onesie's hehe been babish is great

    I love to regress as I never had a child hood and this really helps me relax

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    i have no idea of my age but i do love my duplo lego and teddys (mainly eeyore) i also own three dummies which sit around my eeyore neck for safe keeping

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    Quote Originally Posted by babypink View Post
    i have no idea of my age but i do love my duplo lego and teddys (mainly eeyore) i also own three dummies which sit around my eeyore neck for safe keeping
    I would say your also around 2 maybe a little older if you don't like the nappies but we will hopefully find out that in the future but I would say 2 :P your very angelic hehe and I can say that cos I know you hehe and ya duplo rules :P

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    i can do a really good paddy too lol i think i could be as ikkle as that x i know you too..... i losts my choo choo

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    Quote Originally Posted by babypink View Post
    i can do a really good paddy too lol i think i could be as ikkle as that x i know you too..... i losts my choo choo
    That is a good question where as the choo choo gone :P and I know you can paddy hehe but just wait I am sure I am due one at some point hehe xxxx love you Pink xx

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