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Thread: Preference of Blue AND Pink?

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    Default Preference of Blue AND Pink?

    I was unsure whether to put this into the AB section or even the Sissy section, but I thought I'd bring up something that has been on my mind lately.

    As I search through AB/Little apparel, like plastic pants, onesies and mittens, I often like to find ones that would look cute for an AB boy, which I am. But recently, I find myself looking more and more at AB items that are more girlish: frilly, soft and downright drenched in pink. In fact, I have been thinking for a while about purchasing a pair of rhumba plastic pants.

    Now, I don't consider myself a sissy: I don't want to try on girlish clothing, or act like a girl either. But I can't help but feel an attraction and need to be put into pink and girlish AB just as much as blue and boyish attire.

    So...what I'm wondering this normal for an AB? Is it typical for some ABs to want to dress in attire meant for both genders, despite not being a sissy? I ask because it is a side I REALLY want to explore.

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    It's cute guy stuff is so bland .
    Yellow's and blue purple colors and pink .
    I'm not into pink my self.
    There are some cute shortalls in those colors bubble rompers too I would like to try.
    I like cute also your not alone.

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    I think from what I've observed, there is an element of being an AB and perhaps while regressing, there can be a desire to be the opposite gender. For some of us, we enjoy the humiliation element of acting like a baby and of course, wearing diapers. If you're a male, then being perceived as not just a baby, but a baby girl can heighten the element of humiliation.

    There are other theories as well. Natalie Bent devotes half of her book, "There's a Baby In My Bed" to transgender identities, so that may come part and parcel with being an adult baby, for some people. Anyway, I don't think the desire is unusual for people like us. I often feel that way. I have seven pairs of Baby Pants train pants, and out of the seven, four are either the pink butterflies or pink cupcakes. I love the feeling it gives me. What can I say.....

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    Its definitely normal and there is nothing wrong with it what so ever - Being cute is awesome, no matter if its in girl or boy clothes or attire. Experiment, that is what life is meant to be.

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    I think so. After all, I've always liked the look of Girl's Goodnites.

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    The only thing that I would like to do in this general area of AB play is wear tights. I dunno why, but there's something about tights and diapers together that click, and I want in.

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    Color apathy is perfectly normal to me. Assigning genders to colors in general, let alone while in regressive headspace, is pretty silly to me. There's nothing weird about being a little curious either.

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    To be honest, when I go shopping for clothes I go check both the girls and boys sections to find what I think is the most cute. Not caring so much about the gender divides in clothing has let me mix and match styles and dress exactly how I want. And it saves me some money because having twice the amount of the clothing to choose from doubles my chances of finding adorable affordable items. I believe that if the clothing is in your price range, and it is the one that appeals to you the most, you should get it.

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    To be honest, I think the whole 'Blue for Boys, Pink for Girls' thing is an antiquated notion, and has no relation to the kinds of things actual babies/littles like. Boys tend to go for blue things because they're told that pink is for girls, and vice-versa. I quite like pink things (as a Little and to an extent as an adult), and quite a few of my AB accessories and toys are pink and typically designed for girls.

    I don't in any way see myself as a sissy, I'm just aware that gender preferences aren't binary. I have a Fisher Price tea party set which is all pink and purple, and designed for girls, but I love it. I don't imagine I'm a little girl when I'm using it - I just think it's fun, and the fact it's aimed at girls and not boys has little to do with actual gender preferences and everything to do with marketing.

    As for which colour I prefer, probably blue, but just because I think it's a nice colour. I have absolutely no qualms about using or wearing anything pink, because it doesn't represent anything about me other than I like this item which is pink.

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    I'm not sure the point of the SillySwampert's question was if "boys can enjoy pink things" even if it was slightly phrased as such. I just don't think it's actually answering the core question being posed.

    Massive agreement on breaking free from gender roles and assigned gender to things and the etc. That's great. By the way. Go forth with your pink is just a color loveliness.

    It just seems like SillySwampert was mostly asking if it's normal to enjoy things that are heavily "connected" to the idea an idea of "girly".. specifically child-specific feminine things, despite not believing he has any actual sissy tendencies. I might know that it's okay to like superheroes as a girl, and I do love superheroes and watch lots of superhero cartoons, but when I see a pair of Superman underpants and I see the designs I know the "design" is boyish or probably a better term "childishly masculine". Femininity and masculinity are concepts that have merit still. They just don't need to be assigned to physical sexes. Girls should be able to infuse as much masculine design, tendencies, and etc. into themselves as they like, and the same goes for boys and femininity.

    So I think the question here instead is "as someone who tends to like masculine things, is it odd that I find an attraction to childishly feminine stuff?" At it's core.

    The answer? It's most certainly not odd, but you can do a bit of soul searching.. you say you don't consider yourself a sissy but.. what do you think a sissy is? To me, a sissy is someone who enjoys cross-dressing in extremely childish-babyishly feminine things. A specific type of crossdressing. I only mention it because if you do get really into the type of "sissy crossdressing", I think it's important to remember that although there are many sissy's who enjoy things a certain way there is not one single way to "be one". I personally don't think being a sissy means giving up any interest in masculinity.

    Even if you still sure you aren't a sissy though, it's absolutely fine and not strange at all for someone with AB feelings to start feeling the way you do. Ignoring the princess side of the aisle is neglecting enjoyment of an entire aspect of childhood, and if you have a positive connection to it I doubt it's strange to want to experience it all. It's totally fine to find pink and girlish stuff ascetically appealing without wanting it to become a major part of your experience on this Earth.

    The biggest thing I can tell you is to enjoy what is that you enjoy. If you have a desire to do something like this, harmless and just for you.. go for it. There is absolutely nothing to lose. Don't get caught up in the labels and the "what does this mean" and just do you. Don't hold yourself in a cage. ^_^
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