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Thread: Trying out Tena Slip Maxis

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    Default Trying out Tena Slip Maxis

    I recently got some Tena Slip Maxis to try out. They aren't as impressive as I was expecting, but they are comfortable and better than Depends.

    I got Larges because as with most diapers my waist size falls within both Medium and Large. In the past when I have gone with Mediums in Molicare or Tranquility they have felt too small.

    With the Tenas I am having trouble getting a good fit around my butt cheeks. For now I am remedying the problem by adding a third tape with duct tape.

    I soaked through one fairly quickly this morning on the deer stand. This is quite normal for me because I pee a lot about every 30 minutes for a few hours in the mornings.

    I went to the truck to change and had the tapes break off 2 Tenas in a row. Not sure if it was due to the 25 degree temps or a manufacturing defect. Finally, just put on a CVS brief that I had in my bag. It will carry me through till I go in for lunch.

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    Maybe you tape them too tightly.
    Also, tape angle help a lot to prevent such things.

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    Follow threads:


    There's probably a whole other bunch of related threads. I haven't been on here for ages. Which Tena diaper you using, pb or cloth backed?

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    No these diapers are only average. Better than depends for sure but below Abenas. The bambino a and dry car 24/7 kill these. I will say what I like about them is how soft the plastic is and the fit. The leak guards are short, at least compared to the hard core brands. Not bad, just not best.

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    They are plastic backed. I tried not taping them as tight, but that only seemed to make them worse, and saggier.

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    If you are out hunting for long periods of time and wet your diaper heavily you definitely need something better. Tenas are great, I love them (best fitting diaper ever) but they are not for really long periods where maximum absorbsion is critical. You need the best of the best like: ConfiDry 24/7 or Bambino Bellissimo's. The medium ConfiDry's run on the larger side so they should fit if most mediums feel slightly too small on you. Opposite sizing are the Bambino's, they thend to run on the small side so you would probably want larges? All other mediums fit me fine but Bambinos feel small/tight (32" waist). The new regular sized Absorbency plus diapers from Xpmedical could also be an option for you. They are the same length front to back as the mediums but have longer wings (yes, I have measurements from several brands). I just don't know how they would hold up to several hours/wettings. I would also suggest a booster pad for increased capacity!

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    Thanks. That's very helpful info. Once I get through these I'm gonna try something thicker. Right now I am using some Tranquility booster pads that I have.

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