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    Can someone please weigh in on the proper positioning for the bottom tapes on 4 or 6 tape disposables (like Abena M4, Bambino Bellissimo, Attends, etc)?

    I have seen articles and videos on the internet that claim that the bottom tapes should be pointed up, and I've also seen ones that claim the exact opposite, that the tapes should be pointed down.

    So which is it? And what difference does it make? What are the pros and cons of pointed up vs pointed down? Does this have anything to do with leaking out of the back of the leg guards?

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    Pointed up does two things, it gives a little better angle that tightens the leg hole in the rear. It also moves the tape away from the front bottom edge which avoids some of the problems with the edge of the diaper rolling and getting the tape stuck to your leg.. Certainly on the 4 tapes it helps a lot. Certain of the attends are the only 6 tapes around and I've not worn them much to remember playing with the bottom tape placement.

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    Bottom tapes up for the reasons cited by willnotwill and top tapes down. The top tapes down snug around my waist better and reduces sag.

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    Re: 4 tapes -- I fasten my lower tapes horizontally, fixing them parallel to the edge of the landing zone if there is one. Has worked well for me for many years. I am of very slim build though. Can't help you with the 6 tapes, only ever worn 'em a couple times, many years ago, never liked 'em.

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