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Thread: help finding "little" clothes?

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    Default help finding "little" clothes?

    hey, everyone! i've been making my way back on, if slowly, haha! i hope you're all doing well.

    anyways, i need your help! it just occurred to me that really, i don't have any fitting clothing for "littler me" and i'd really like to have some toddler-based clothes (mainly just simple things like shirts), but i wouldn't know the first place to look, whether it's in local store or online.
    i have a preference to online shopping, via obvious reasons, but i guess i could brave it out to look around the kids section in some stores.

    i don't really have any preferences as to what it is! i do like cute things but i know little boys aren't all about that usually, haha. whatever you can find would be great! i know target has some shirts for boys i really liked. lucky me i can slip into some of them, if it's just big enough!
    are there any stores locally that have cool clothing for kids?

    thanks so much for the help! i hope any of this makes sense.
    and thanks for stopping by!

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    It really depends on your size. You might get lucky and be able to fit into the larger kids-size stuff if you're pretty small (size 14 and 16 girls' stuff fits me pretty well usually). Otherwise, you might need to get something commissioned. Personally, I haven't actually commissioned anything before, so I'm not sure I'm the best resource for that.

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    I get A LOT of my clothes from the kids sections of shops (I fit age 13-14). I also like Lolita dresses. I've never bought any specefic clothes from AB/DL sites. I think it does depend a lot on your size, gender and what you are into though!

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    If you do fit into them I also would recommend checking the kids section in stores. Otherwise, sometimes the adult graphic tee section can have some cute stuff. I don't know if you are into super hero's but the men's graphic tee section always has some of those, and they get a lot more of them whenever a new super hero movie comes out. Once you know your size, ebay and 24 hour shit sites may help you find exactly what you want. If you are not finding anything that you like, you can also commission shirts from any company that does custom t-shirts. Usually you will just need a picture and/or what you want the shirt to say. There is probably a local print shop near your home, and there are definitely online ones.

    I get most of my clothing from the boys and girls sections of stores, ebay, and occasionally 24 hour shirt web sites.

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    Target sells some of the best PJs for younger boys. Im 5'8", 155ish. Some of their XLs fit really well. I bought a pair of them last Thursday, the pants were a pretty nice fit, especially over my diaper. Though the shirt was a tad bit tight but comfortable. I also tried on a pair from kmart, Joe Boxer brands are a little tight but fit well and show off the diaper bulge well.

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    You might want to try Hot Topic, they have shirts for different characters such as Pokemon and Disney.

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