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    With an upcoming time where I will have the house free to myself, I have decided to set about purchasing some AB diapers. Thankfully, I came across this shop called TottyBots which supplies Bambino diapers in Australia! Considering all the praise surrounding Bambino for their quality of AB diapers, I figured it would be good to purchase a pack of 4 Bambino diapers.

    However, after looking at the Bellissimo/Classico/Teddy diapers, I can't decide what kind of Bambino I want to purchase. All of them look great in their own right, but I dunno how they perform differently...if they perform differently at all. Looking for some serious little time, I would like to ask for some help in deciding.

    As far as preference goes, I am looking for high absorbency (for extended play) as well as thickness (always love a thick diaper). If you can help me decide, then that will be great

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    Bellissimo is by far the highest quality Bambino (thickest and thirstiest). The others are all exactly the same and just differ in appearance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatelynG View Post
    Bellissimo is by far the highest quality Bambino (thickest and thirstiest). The others are all exactly the same and just differ in appearance.
    This. Bellisimo's are like 25% thicker then the other 3, the other 3 just (teddy/classic/plain) are all the same just with diffrent prints or without prints.

    Bellisimo's hold a lot of liquid and swell up like crazy. The other ones hold a pretty decent amount too but will need changing a couple hours sooner then bellisimo's.

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    I am adding to the Bellissimo vote. I got my first ones not too long ago and I love them. Super wide and thick but still comfortable to wear. If you wear tight jeans you will not be able to get them on wearing a Bellissimo.

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    I think they claim that the teddies have slightly more SAP than the Classico or biancos, but in reality there probably isn't that much of a difference.

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    I'm all about thick, some love the thickness of the belissimo, but besides that they are not my fave. The teddy ones fit me way better. The teddy used to be longer and have a soft front, but now the front is plastic and it's shorter so it fits even better than the already previously great fit. It is still thick and cute, just not quite as thick as the belissimo.
    Have a blast with your first bambino!

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    For what you want to do, my vote is also Bellissimo. They are the thickest and thirstiest of the Bambino diapers. Teddy diapers are second in capacity and classico/bianco are tied for third. Really you can't go wrong with any Bambino diaper. Congrats & enjoy!

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