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    I was asked to introduce myself, so here it goes. . . I will try to keep it brief.

    I am a 25 year old straight male student in the US.

    Where diapers are concerned, I would consider myself a pragmatist. I believe that it is logical and practical to wear and use a diaper whenever going to the bathroom is impossible or inconvenient. With the only obstacle being the people around us who do not share the same point of view.

    Although I do not believe it will happen anytime soon, I believe I would enjoy the comfort and gentle care of having my diaper changed by someone else while wearing a onesie and sucking on a proper sized pacifier; however, to me it isn't sexual, but a means to relax and I would draw the line at acting like a baby at the amusement of someone else or bondage. (No talking like a baby, being fed like a baby, or pretending to play with baby toys, being "locked" up.)

    As to why I feel this way, I believe that due to being toilet trained at an early age and only wetting the bed for a short time, I have only a vague memory of wearing a diaper as a child. So when my best friend revealed that he wore a diaper to bed for bedwetting- I was 10 at the time -I became curious as to what it actually felt like to wear a diaper.

    I kept these thought in the back of my mind, too scared to act on them or tell anyone for several years, but I was caught by my father looking at diaper related stuff once. He reacted with rage, insults, and disappointment that I would ever consider it. The subject was eventually dropped and never mentioned again and remained a fantasy in the back of my mind.

    After hearing some news on a potential medical issue a couple of months ago, the thoughts of diapers came to the front of my mind again, but this time I acted on it and bought my first diapers discreetly. You can find a bit of the story over in diaper talk.

    From this point I hope to slowly alter my life so that I can enjoy this side of me, without fearing the reactions of others.
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    Hello LittleAaron and welcome to the group.

    This is a nice introduction as to what brought you here.
    Could you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests?

    Again welcome to the group.

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    I do not want to give too much information as I have a fairly public profile. If you happen to connect the dots and recognize me, please do not attempt to contact me. Keep it on these forums.

    I am a Computer Science major at a University. I play a lot of video games, and I mean a lot, name any MMO or PC game (don't have a console) and the chances are I have played it or intend to play it. However, it is not just fun, I have plans to finish developing and launch my own game soon and have taken extensive notes and analyzed various concepts of existing games and applied them to my game. (The engine is pretty much done, just need art assets and testing.)

    Other than that, I love to relax in the outdoors, nothing strenuous, like short hikes, fishing, and camping.

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