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Thread: Diaper Stash Hiding Ideas

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    Default Diaper Stash Hiding Ideas

    So like me I know many of you wear and are still have a chance of being caught. I happen to be a college student with my own apartment, although my relatives visit every weekend and cleanup around the house. That being said I need to know ideas of a locking drawer or cabinet or something to protect my stuff. I have gotten really close to being caught several times and I recently ordered more stuff than I could hide . So any of you guys have an idea how to make or buy a cheap locking box or something to hide my little stuff thanks! Luckily my family isn't invasive of anything I have locked up so it should work.

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    We have many artices here about all aspects of diapers and wearing. Here is an article full of good suggestions: Your stash

    Looks like your a new member. Can you take a moment to introduce yourself in this forum and tell us more about your non-AB/DL interests? Thanks and welcome to the group!

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    Rolling suitcase with the zippers locked together (closed) does the trick for me.

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    I have an old box that my car amp came in, fits about 8ish nappies and had a box my Sennheiser headphones came in which fits 4. I just ordered a pack of 20 (first online order) so that will be interesting! I found that Australia Post has a parcel collect feature, so you get a virtual mailbox that you can ship to and just collect in the PO. They also have a US address so you can ordered from shops who dont ship here, costs start $24aud.

    (Had alot of boxes from computer hardware and my headphones but recycled all but the Amp box as the warranty had expired and they had no use/took up space)

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    I normally hide mine under my Ghillie suit, when I need to. Try hallowing out some old electronics, if you lack option A.

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    When my kids went to college, I made cargo style foot lockers for them with a clasp and a pad lock. I thought that they might want to lock up things which they either found private or valuable like laptops. You can find foot lockers for little money at used furniture stores. You could also get one of those zipping suit protector covers, a black one, and put your diaper in there. Hung up in your clothes closet, no one would know.

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    If you have empty suitcases, put them in there and then put them wherever you normally store stuff you're not using (storage room or closet). You can hide your stash in them and no one will think anything about a suitcase in storage. You can even lock them, for good measure, although I'd recommend doing it in a discrete manner (locks hidden underneath) so that no one questions why they're locked.

    If you have your own vehicle, that's another option. Spare tire wells and such make great places that no one will ever look.

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    I can only wish you the best of luck. I hope I don't sound too bold, but I am finally in a place where I have a large walk-in closet dedicated to my diapering supplies. I keep the door open and don't have to worry about it, as I live alone. Usually, the only person upstairs is my house keeper, and she is wonderful. I always toss everything into the washer before she comes, and she dries, folds, and puts everything away for me. It has taken a long time to get here!

    Please be careful and patient.

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    I don't worry about locking my diapers away. Granted, I live alone and rarely have guests over, so it is easy for me to say this. I do keep my diapers out of plain sight (I am busy and I don't always have time to thoroughly prepare before maintenance inspections of smoke detectors, plumbing, etc.) by putting them inside of plastic storage bins and putting old clothing (I don't wear it anymore) on top of the diapers. Additionally, I also put a few things on top of the bin cover so it wouldn't be quick and convenient for someone to open it.

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