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    What kind of music do you guys listen to, i personally like to listen to heavy metal (FEAR, The Adolescents, The Decendants), but I also like 80's music and a bit of rap, so I ask you adisc, what music do you guys like?

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    I listen to whatever. Mostly Japanese stuff, but like really a little bit of everything. Specific favorites are Dir en Grey, MCR, Paramore, Gackt, and Die Antwoord.

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    60s, 70s, 80s rock/pop as well as a few newer things. Doors, Carly Simon, Stones, Zepplin, Bowie, Seeds, Queen, Animals and so many more soft and hard. I love most music but very few rap and hate 'All About That Bass' type pop.

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    I have a feeling you might as well ask us, "How old are you?" because our music preferences will fall down those lines. I'm like Nam Repaid, '60s - '80s, but there are some more current groups I like like Fun and some of the current pop. There's so much out there. I also enjoy jazz, and of course, classical music as I'm a classically trained, professional musician.

    What's interesting with today's pop, is the use of acoustical instruments. It reminds me of the folk movement of the '50s and '60s, and I like what they do. They also use their voices as musical instruments, with rhythmical ah.ah.. or oo, oo, etc. The only downside is that one group sounds like the next. My guess is the music industry only accepts the current, pop sound.

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    Mostly Classical, Prog Metal, Heavy Metal, and Prog Rock.

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    Ah, music, what a wonderful subject!

    I'm less of a genre-by-genre person and more of a song-by-song guy, I guess. There are so many different kinds of music out there. All of them have songs that I enjoy. Current popular music, Classical music, Rock, All different kinds of jazz, Historical music, Folk/Traditional music, even stuff like ceremonial chanting is interesting.

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    I like most music but I specifically look for songs with strong vocals. I currently have been listening to lots of My Little Pony fan songs. It is kind of absurd how much pony music is out there. Otherwise the kids music station is nice, I am always surprised at how good the kids station music is. (and no I am not talking about Kidz Bop, those are kind of ridiculous.)

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