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Thread: Reason for Wearing and First Impressions

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    Default Reason for Wearing and First Impressions

    Hey, I am a long time lurker, who just recently bought, wore, and used my first diapers. I thought I would share some of my impressions.

    First, let me preface by saying that my thought concerning diapers are those of a pragmatist. Despite the social taboo, I believe it is practical and logical to use diapers in situations where trying to get to a restroom will cause unnecessary distress.

    For example, long walks, long drives, long classes, movies, procedures where one must cleanse their colon (-_-). Anytime where trying to hold it until I get to a restroom will make me uncomfortable or affect my normal routine

    However, I come from a family with a lot of preconceptions. The one time I did bring it the subject, almost 10 years ago, it was met with outrage and insult. Luckily, I was able to drop the subject without consequence. I am 25 now, but I still live with my father as it is not practical for either of us to be living alone. It is also notable that I am a student and I do not drive. I take the bus or get a ride everywhere I go.

    Anyway, with a bit of courage and planning, I decided to experiment this past week by going up to Walmart and buying a pack of Depend Adjustable Underwear. I was looking for Depend Protection with Tabs, but they just don't stock them in large at any store near me. (Obviously, ordering is not preferable at the moment.) In hindsight, I am not certain if the protection with tabs or any other tape-diaper would be as discreet, despite potentially being more absorbent with less chance of leakage. I also bought a small package of the 4 gallon trash bags, which I would use to discreetly dispose of the diapers.

    As I often work out at the gym on campus, I hid the purchase in my gym bag. I found it easier to empty the package and arrange them in the bag, instead of trying to stuff the package inside. I also always do my own laundry, and my father is not likely to go snooping in my gym bag.

    I found an empty restroom on campus with a handicap stall, the extra space made things easier, and put one on without hesitation. My jeans and regular underwear made it easy to conceal. In the mirror, even I could not tell that I was wearing and I did not notice any sound. I will make a note that the adjustable underwear may be more convenient for daily use, as it is fairly quick to just drop your pants, pull one on and tighten if necessary, rather than trying to lean against a wall to hold a tape diaper in place and getting it on tight and straight.

    For those who have never worn before, I will say that the feeling was strange at first. Although the depends seem thin, I could still feel the difference from normal underwear, and noticed the padding both in front and back. The oddest feeling is the slight waddle and the sensation of it rubbing between your legs. After wearing for awhile, I actually caught myself not even realizing I was wearing a diaper.

    Being cautious, the first time I wet, I did it in a stall, while sitting on a toilet. The sensation of the warm urine stream and the feeling as it was slowly absorbed can only be described as surreal. The only indication that I was wet was the warmth of the urine. It did leak this first time, but let me explain why:

    For one, little johnny was facing in an upward direction, causing the stream to go upwards and back flow over the skin instead of directly into the diaper. Second I had to push to get it started, resulting in a full force stream and flood. I realized afterward that this is not what they are designed for. Correct me if I am wrong, but an incontinent person would be more likely to dribble or only release a small stream of what their bladder cannot hold. An incontinence individual would not be able to or ever force a full blown stream.

    Anyway, still being early in the day, before I would have to go home, I changed into another, disposed of the used diaper by placing it into one of the small trash bags, washed my hands, and went up to a lounge to study.

    The second wetting I conducted differently. As I was all setup studying, and I am not one to leave my things unattended, I wet while sitting there fully clothed. Trying to eliminate the risk of leak, I only released short bursts at a time until I didn't feel the need to go anymore. This worked without incident. I finished studying and changed at the earliest convenience.

    I continued in a similar fashion throughout the week. From a pragmatist perspective, there were indeed times when the diaper came in handy. If I were to leave during class, I would have missed some valuable material I know now will be on final. While taking the bus, it would have been terribly inconvenient to get off, find a restroom, and wait for the next bus. I could have waited until I arrived at my destination, but that was still 15 minutes away, and having to hold it then rush off can be stressful.

    In both circumstances, it was comforting to be able to just let go and not worry about it and change at my earliest convenience.

    I started this experiment on Monday and now it is Friday. Having used about two a day, I only have a couple left from the package, which I may reserve for a day when I really need it. As the semester is coming to an end, I also will have few more chances until January to actually wear, so I won't buy more just yet. Nobody has noticed, or at least they haven't said anything.

    As for the future, here is the uncertain news: I have an upcoming appointment with a urologist for a palpable mass in one of my testicles and a possible inguinal hernia showed up on the sonogram, which does give slight pain. From my initial research into it, a surgery to repair the hernia has a potential side-effect of stress incontinence. Now, I am not one to fake a symptom, but if it can give me a reasonable excuse to wear without fear of being "caught", you can't blame me for a hoping.

    Anyway, here are my conclusions, opinions, and some tips:

    1. Wear discreetly, it may not feel like a "baby diaper" or a hold whole day of wetting, but it will get the job done.
    2. Don't involve anyone else unless they bring it up. I would recommend honesty to trustworthy friends and family, but vague explanations to acquaintances, and polite "none of your business" to strangers.
    3. Don't force yourself to wet, let it come out naturally. Straining can cause physical problems, fatigue, and possible leaks.
    4. If you wet it, change or at least check it as soon as convenient. You do not want to flood it and risk leaks.
    5. If you must change in a public restroom, don't hesitate, even if there are other people present. Waiting only increases suspicion, which will attract attention. If anybody does notice you, you want it to seem like a routine thing, not something you are getting pleasure from. Remember to always wash your hands.
    6. A small translucent trash bag or a zip lock bag is an easy way to dispose discreetly.
    7. I would discourage messing in public, unless you truly can't help it. It WILL draw attention and can be a pain to clean up.
    8. Finally, as a pragmatist, I would never use a diaper when it may be easier and more convenient to just use a toilet, such as to take a shit.
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    If you wet it, change or at least check it as soon as convenient.
    That really should only be a problem with low-quality diapers such as Depends. Most diapers that aren't as cheap should handle more than one wetting.

    Also, really, nobody will ever notice you changing in a stall unless you're somehow obnoxious about it. It's really easy to change standing up - the only problem I'd think would be with pull-up diapers where you have to completely remove your pants to change.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but an incontinent person would be more likely to dribble or only release a small stream of what their bladder cannot hold.
    Actually, incontinence varies a lot. Plenty of incontinent people have much heavier streams than a dribble, hence why Depends have such a horrible reputation among all but those with the least severe incontinence. The reason you leaked was probably a lot because Depends are a really bad product.

    Also, some diaper advice! I believe the Certainty diapers at Walgreens are quite a bit better than Depends, even if they still suck. Also, personally, I don't think Goodnites are that bad of a choice either (better than Depends if you can fit into them) - they at least look nicer than a plain white diaper. Also, if you live on campus or at least away from your parents, most places that ship diapers ship very discreetly, so you might be able to order something way better.

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    The Depend Adjustable Underwear, was really the only choice I had, for my first experiment. As long as I don't release a heavy stream, they work well enough for daily use. If I was someone who wet the bed, I would definetly wear something heavier and more absorbent.

    Also, I looked at both Walmart and Walgreens before I purchased them. The only "briefs" Walmart had were the Assurance Large, which from the waist size on the package, would've been too large for me. Walgreens had briefs in the right size, but it was a large package of them. To remain discreet, I would have had to throw away a large portion of the package and waste money and fit as many as I could into my gym bag. I only managed to fit all the Depends by putting a few in my backpack as well.

    My waist is about 42 inches and I am a bit heavy, so I doubt GoodNights would work for me.

    As for changing in the stall, that was probably just me being a bit nervous. The bathrooms on campus are also somewhat small and quiet. If I can clearly hear them opening and closing the door and taking a piss, they sure as hell can hear the sound of me slipping on or taping a diaper. However, I stopped being so nervous in the end, and just got it done.

    With practice, putting on a non-pullup diaper may be easy in a stall, but when I tried to do it with the adjustable underwear (you can tear the sides and tape it), it took reattaching the tapes several times before I had a snug fit.

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    Hey there LittleAaron! Nice to see you here! I'm on my way out the door but can you take a moment to introduce yourself here ? We are a support community and like to know more about each other so that can give better advice. Your story above will have many comments as other members have had similar experiences.

    Welcome aboard!

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    Hey zipperless. . .I just got out of class and heading home myself, but I will try to leave a brief introduction later tonight.

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    I'm now incontinent for the most part. I was 3 or 4 before I was fully potty trained. I wet the bed until I was 12. I went through a period of insomnia. I felt like I was going insane from not sleeping well so I did all I could to make sure I stayed asleep.
    I for diapers and basically trained my self to wet while I sleep. In the end I was able to get a good nights rest. I've always had a thing with diapers and found that when I wore one I was peaceful, calm and focused. Since I liked wearing diapers I just let things be after my insomnia passed. About a year ago I started having problems holding during the day.
    I went to a urologist and was diagnosed with OAB. Things got worse and I'm now stuck wearing a diaper 24/7. I went to a neurologist since the urologist couldn't find any problems. The neurologist has me set up for some MRI with contrast scans.
    I have good days where I get the feeling like I'm about to wet myself just a few moments before I do or sometimes I'll make it to the bathroom. A lot of the time I just wet without warning. Sometimes I don't even know that I've wet.
    Being 24/7 has put a strain on my love life and has my poor wife very stressed. I've had many embarrassing moments (having a wet butt from leaks, taking about incontinence etc). Also some painful moments as well (when the urologist put a camera up my urethra to look I my bladder).
    So if anyone wants to be incontinent think about that first. I do wear plastic backed because cloth backed suck. Cloth backed smell after an accident fr more than plastic. Plastic also holds position better for me. Plastic is necessary for night due to heavy wetting (even if I don't drink much)

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    I am incontinent 24/7, both bladder and bowels. I have Cerebral Palsy and Autism.
    Incontinence is common with Cerebral Palsy.

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    I would not think anyone would "want" to be incontinent, but want to experience what it is like to be so.

    Personally, a medically related excuse to wear diapers would come in handy when the need to explain comes up, but I would not wish for a complete loss of control.

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