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Thread: Alternative uses for diapers?

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    Default Alternative uses for diapers?

    So, I apologize sincerely if this had brought up before...but this last week I've been spending a lot of time out in the woods, as its (finally) deer season in my region.

    An incident came up in the midst of deer camp where I found a rather clever, albeit gruesome use for a diaper I had stuffed away in my pack. Ever since then, I've been wondering from time to time:

    What are some unorthodox uses peeps have discovered diapers can be used for over the years?

    When I discover a faulty diaper with missing/broken tabs, I generally just use the inner core as a sort of makeshift stuffer...but after this week, I'm searching for more creative/hilarious ways to use diapers. Any ideas?

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    There's a video floating around about how you can mix SAP with soil to create a really good mixture for keeping your plants hydrated.

    They also work pretty well as an ice pack.

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    I've used one of my Pampers to soak up the Soy Sauce that majorly flooded my Pasta cabinet...that's alternative, right? :P

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    I have a ford van that leaks power steering fluid when i go on a job i wrap one around it so it doesnot leak all over someones new paved driveway, i use them to change oil barrel filters i need about a quart of oil to be soaked up when i change one!! I mix the diaper insides with my soil for certain plants like african violets or desert plants that take the water only when they need it. but i just prefer to wear them!! I like your post wish we had a like button lol!!!

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    I was wondering why this thread did seem so familiar! Early this year I started a thread about this! Still, that was back in March. It's about time for it's revival!

    I think the funniest thing I heard in that was diaper hats. It amused me a lot, but I imagine that they wouldn't make the actual best of hats. Maybe someone could make modern art out of them, or make a tasteful centerpiece using them for an AB/DL themed party. Hehe.

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    In the absence of sterile wound dressings, diapers or sanitary pads make excellent wound dressings. Fresh out of the package, we know they will be relatively clean, and obviously they do a good job of absorbing any blood leaking from an injury. They generally don't stick to injuries too badly once the blood dries. I speak from personal experience on this one.

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    Ok, so lets say you drop your mobile device, iPhone, Android, what have you... in a puddle. You think "Oh it's done for!" Not necessarily. Your best bet is to do the following: Don't try to turn it on or activate the touch screen, just pick it up and dry it off, now, if you have been smart enough to save all of those silica gel packs that come with electronics and such, drop it into a zip-lock bag full of those and leave it in there overnight. You take it out the next day, and you have a good chance of having a perfectly good device. If you don't have silica gel packs, a bag of rice works too. Most people have heard of this trick.

    However, most people have not heard of this: Take the drenched phone, and place it inside a fresh disposable diaper. Wrap it securely with rubber bands to keep the phone pressed inside the diaper and leave it overnight. Check it the next morning and chances are...your phone will work just fine. The SAP in the diaper works much the same as silica gel...not as well as silica gel, but in a pinch, this trick can save your device.


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    I'm an airbrush artist. When you want to change colors (or are done for the day), you have to blow out the brush somewhere. Typically you do it on some scrap newspaper or such. Someone sold a thing about the size of an oatmeal box with a hole in the top that you could shoot the excess into. After using it for a while, I opened it up to see what was inside it.... amused, there was a baby diaper inside of it.

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