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Thread: What helps to put you in little space

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    Default What helps to put you in little space

    Do you have a ritual or a spacific toy to help you get there?

    The song beauty and the beast by Angela Lansbury does it for me.

    Before things went bad in my family I was obsessed with that movie and when I listen to it now I feel like I'm drifting back into a time when everything was okay and I can faintly hear my mommy singing it to me like she use to when I had trouble sleeping.

    Is there anything that relaxes you like that?

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    Playmobil! I love to just have the figures act out different scenarios. Like I have a playmobil cafe and the cafe had a dog show the other day, but I've also got a playmobil fairy who has a pet fox and that was really funny! I want to connect with the nice things in my past, like when mummy used to put ribbons in my hair for me. I want to get ribbons for my hair again. I love beauty and the beast, Belle is my favourite disney princess (she has brown hair like me).

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    We just became best friends! I was belle for Halloween for like 6 years in a row!

    I'm currently lookin for a beauty and the beast playset and a belle Barbie. I want a Barbie dream house but I'm filling it with the Disney princesses

    I'm off to go look up this playmobil.

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    ! I love disney princesses! I was in toys r us the other day and they had Belle with an extra dress. I really want to buy her because then she can look after my palace pets but I didn't get her because I actually went to get a pet butterfly instead (actually it is a little live butterfly toy but it is actually like a real butterfly lol). Playmobil is amazing, they have so many different sets, I love that kind of imaginative play (I did when I was little too). I am hoping santa brings me the playmobil circus this year, and maybe some of the new fairy sets too (I love fairys).

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    I am going to get the princess figures but since the castle is like 100$ for a big one I'm just gonna go to Walmart and get a castle playset for like 40$. The one at wal Mary is MASSIVE! I've never had a dollhouse so I'm excited!!!!

    But I like playmobil, I loved the fairy sets.

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    Dolls houses are brilliant! I have a small playmobil one, I kinda wanted to get the giagantic lalaloopsy dolls house for my big lala dolls but that is 100 sooo much money, it is good to improvise !

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    I have room in my play room for one big doll house and I want to make sure I pick out just the right one. I really do like the playmobil one and all the girl playsets connect to it in some way which is nice...... And it seems like it would be the right size for some mini Disney princess toys to play in too so that actually might be the jackpot....

    Well see come tax time.....

    I think this thread derailed lol!!

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    Oh my goodness you have a playroom! wow! I have a room with toys not quite a playroom yet

    Hehe I think the thread derailed too. Back to the subject of lolita... I love these cute socks although they sold out of the pink.. I still got the blue ones!

    Also in the new year, if I really like my lolita dress I might get another.. I am thinking this one..

    I could wear it with my teddy bear socksies!

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    Sorry to take this thread back on topic...

    For me, I think the most reliable things to get me into a little headspace are watching TV shows for toddlers, and playing with my plushies. I also like baby books (like the Usborne Snuggletime ones), though if I'm by myself, I have to suspend disbelief a bit by being able to actually read them...or else I just have to content myself with rubbing the touchy-feely textures, because reading words is complicated!

    Outside of things I can do purely by myself, having my GF treat me like a little is the best trigger for getting into little space - especially if it involves having a story read to me!

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    I'm happy to hear you have someone to play with I would love to find a daddy someday, I think that would be a really awesome experiance.

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