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Thread: Trying to build a budget gaming pc and kinda stuck

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    Question Trying to build a budget gaming pc and kinda stuck

    hey guys Ive never built a PC before and i am going to order it mid next year or after Christmas if i get enough then. saying that i need to know this. can you use a midi tower with a micro atx MB because i like the look of this cheap midi case and dislike the micro cases at the same price.

    I'm learning how to PC. and then game with said PC.
    Mother Board:
    Processor/ APU:
    OS: 49.99 if you cant access any other hyperlinks tell me and ill tell you pricing but in total about 320 which is about $500

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    Yes, you can fit a micro-atx mobo in that case. Looks like all your parts will work just fine.

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    Should fit fine.

    Gotta say that's actually a pretty good build. A lot of people their first time (and some well beyond) end up with a bunch of mismatched parts (high performance mobo with a shitty proc, etc), but these are all about in the same performance range. You could probably find a bit cheaper ram, but that's about it.

    Obviously it's a budget PC and I wouldn't expect great performance, but it should get the job done.

    Good luck and have fun

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