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    is there anyway to figure out how much bigger my breasts will get if I get on hrt plus what else does estrogen do?

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    It'd be up to your own biology to determine breast size, but there may be some test a doctor could do. I don't think there is, tho. Also, HRT (for MTF) will likely render you sterile, plus you might not be able to get it up (but that probably would be a non-issue, obv). You'll see either an increase or decrease in body hair (MTF is usually decrease, buuuuut with hormones, all kinda of crazy shit will happen). You voice will get slightly higher, but you'd also have to work on that or get surgery. Also, you'll probably have some pretty bad mood swings.

    I'm not a pro on the subject, you could probably find out a lot more via google. I just know the basics because I was about to go through HRT a couple years back, but between the threat of sterility and my own uncertainties, I backed out. My hair was so long and beautiful, too =/ buuut that's just my story =P with something like this, you really should talk to doctors and/or do some research for some more reliable sources.

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    if you're concerning yourself with breast size, it sounds to me like you're in it for sexual motivation. HRT isn't something you take lightly and breasts are permanent (one of the few permanent irreversible changes with HRT actually, along with being sterile and one or two minor things) and you get what you get, it's really a lottery and boobs really aren't that important to the overall end-product plus if they end up falling short of your desires there's augmentation. But again that's assuming you aren't just wanting them to play with or get off from. Your libido can severely drop with HRT as well, some peoples do, some don't, some are unchanged; there's really not alot of studies being done on the full amount of effects HRT provides and there probably never will be. it's a journey that's entirely your mileage may vary.

    also there is ZERO evidence to support the voice getting higher thing and it's a total load of horse poop if there is.
    the wikipedia for HRT is quite helpful for most things you might be concerned about though I suspect you've been there (if not, google male to female hormone replacement therapy wikipedia)

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