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Thread: Hi everyone! A new princess here!

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    Default Hi everyone! A new princess here!

    And a very shy one too! I say princess because I love princesses. I'm not like Belle or Rapunzel or anything. But anyway my name is Kitty, it is actually Kathleen but I really don't like that! I have four pet cats. My favourite colour is pink. I have always been aware of my little self but always kept it hidden. Only recently I've started to worry less. I play with toys because that is what I like. I recently discovered beados, they are amazing! They are beads and they make animals. Anyway yes, as I say I've been discovering my little self.
    I am not a DL or AB, I would identify as a little though. I don't know many people from this lifestyle, I would like to get to know more people. Although this for me is strictly innocent, I don't find it exciting in any adult way. I just love to play with my toy, especially playmobil (oh my goodness have you seen the new playmobil fairys?!). I love to have a bed time story. I love to colour and draw pictures of animals. This week is my birthday and I am going to London zoo to see all the animals! I am so super happy! Sorry if I have rambled on a lot. Anyway this is me! Very nice to meet you all!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Are your cats your only pets?

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    Hiya!!! I'm a little princess too and I love cats!! I also love other people's cats :3

    I sent you a friend request because you're awesome.

    Welcome to the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanone View Post
    Welcome to ADISC! Are your cats your only pets?
    I have a pet butterfly too, although technically that is a toy butterfly but it looks just like a real one !

    Also I want a pet goldfish and a guinea pig and maybe a gerbil but for now I have my four cats. I love animals !

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    Hello, nice to meet you!!! Guess what? This week was my birthday too! I did not do anything as exciting as go to the London Zoo, but I did get a yummy cake. I hope your trip is fun!

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    Hi kitty, glad that you have joined, hope you enjoy it here

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    hello!! it's great to meet you! i haven't been very active on here lately, but i hope we can become friends- i love meeting princesses! i hope you have a nice time on here, and everyone i'm sure welcomes you happily all the same.

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