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Thread: ABDL and sensitivity

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    Default ABDL and sensitivity

    This issue is something I've been thinking about for a while, so here goes - Do you think ABDLs are generally very sensitive individuals?

    I would say that I've always been a really sensitive person. Partly due to OCD, and partly due to my own nature, I find it difficult to deal with things which are upsetting, or which I feel are unfair about the world in general. Sure, I know nobody likes feeling hurt or screwed over, but things seem to stick with me to a great extent, and I sometimes find the harsh reality of life very difficult to cope with.

    I believe that one of the main reasons I like being an AB/Little so much, is that almost everything is geared towards positivity. TV shows for littles encourage you to learn and praise you for knowing things. Talking toys focus on saying happy things, singing relaxing lullabies or wanting to be cuddled. There's also the fact that babies love to be tactile and huggy (qualities which I very much still possess as an adult) is seen as a good thing, and not as a sign of clinginess.

    I increasingly think that for individuals who are easily upset or have a real aversion to the issues in life, ABDL is a perfect way to escape not just into happiness and innocence, but a world where positivity and celebration of one's abilities (however natural or unremarkable) is everywhere. For me, being an ABDL is largely about having kind and encouraging messages promoted to me - something which I don't think most adults experience in their day-to-day lives.

    What are other people's thoughts on this?

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    I'd say probably the shy ones or the ones who flaunt it (outside of adult entertainment) would be really sensitive. But the confident ones who may or may not share it, but also do not worry about it, probably aren't so sensitive. By numbers, probably most are sensitive (it is still a pretty taboo hobby), even if only sensitive about being ABDL. Likewise, I'm sure there are some thick-skinned ABDLs. As a security guard, I don't really have room to be sensitive, but I'm pretty good with criticism anyway.

    Tldr it depends on the person, but yeah I can see where youre coming from and it makes sense

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    I am definitely over sensitive and an over thinker. I am a very emotional and insecure person. Idk if that has anything to do with me being a little one or not but I can be very needy and clingy,needing reassurance and hugs.

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    Regardless of ABDL sensitivity, it's the person themselves that reflect on the word "sensitivity" If a mood change, then they are just regressing through this thing. Kinda like a 21 year old not acting his age (Basic terms: Immature) I guess what terms reflect to your question.

    Do you think ABDLs are generally very sensitive individuals?
    My opinions reveal this,

    I would not agree or disagree because the way I look at AB/DL's of course people just like us but we either engage it as an activity or it's the only thing we know in life. For people that engage this in activity is the same basic mood as all of us. I don't defy myself as an AB (More of a BF) but I act hella immature most of the time only because it's how I am with ADHD (that and I tend to drink soda and tea so lots of sugar from my hyper activeness comes from those things) It's something I adapt to all the time. I look at things as life like how much longer will my childhood last. (I consider 19 as a young adult before I hit 21) To say the same for other's when they just dress up in outfits or go normal T-Shirt and padding is just the same person they were and they might play along a role. Once they are done, they go back to them normal selves. AB/DL activity's is not always positive to escape from your problems but better to face them head on. That just means you do not want to be bothered with problems for awhile, let you have some fun before you go out and attack/explore. Am I sensitive? I used to be when I joined but I am starting to calm down and get some skin. I guess my mood changes and you can call me a "Drama Queen" half the time if that's how you want to look at things. I'm the same person goofy or not

    I think it's how we all look at things right? I might have missed the point I guess but I am saying my point directly to this regression thing. Some people are different and we can not change them or tell them who they can be. I guess mood reflects on snarky, shy, or even emotionless like they are just dull for long periods of time and would not care what bother's them whatsoever. You have thin-skin AB/DL's that are highly sensitive on these topics probably would freak out almost anything and you have thick-skin AB/DL's that you need to throw a couple of punches towards their moods in order to start doing some damage, if your lucky they are probably forgiving to forgive and forget.

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    Good question.

    For me, I am an introvert and somewhat sensitive. I take criticism personally but, for the most part, keep it to myself.

    Does this have anything to do with being an ABDL? I really cannot say. Maybe being an ABDL lead to my sensitiveness or maybe being sensitive lead to being an ABDL or maybe they are unrelated. I really do not know.

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    I'll throw this out there...

    Although I don't flaunt my Abdl for obvious reasons...or even my ic issues...

    But, I'm not shy or sensitive in the least...

    I've run several of my own companies over the years, played in some decently large bands and venues, been on tv, party hard! And play even harder...used to be an extreme sports junkie, from snowmobile, autocross, motocross, aerobatic airplanes, to downhill speed runs! Been to every continent, mostly for work though...but Iceland is my fav!

    After I went through a car windshield at speed...I'm slowed down a bit...

    Still not shy, produce bands, record music, and still party!

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    I'm introverted and tend to take things hard but I don't think it because of diapers for me personally

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    I'm generally very hesitant to make any sort of generalization about the ABDL community that pushes past the bounds of ABDL play.

    Once one gets past the diapers and other trappings of ABDL play, we're really just dealing with individuals with diverse life experiences, diverse opinions, diverse interests, et cetera. I mean, look at the crowd we have here. We have conservatives (Maxx) and liberals (Fruitkitty). We have young and old. We have people totally into guns and horsepower and hunting and trucks, and we have people that can't imagine the use of a gun and don't really care about automobiles at all. Hell, we have people that are really into regression and claim that there's nothing sexual about it, and we have people that have no interest in regression but want to hump the fuck out of a diaper.

    And, we have people that are sensitive and are very careful to avoid saying negative things, and we have people that say something much closer to unvarnished "tough love here's what you need to hear" type of stuff.

    I've had the pleasure of meeting many ABDLs in real life, and about the only thing I can say collectively is that, aside from the trappings of being ABDLs, we're a diverse crowd. As such, I'd caution against reading too much into any particular character trait you may or may not associate with being an ABDL. Remember that the members one will see on any given site are a self-selecting crowd. That's true here, RUPadded, Fetlife, Daily Diapers, and literally every single other site. One cannot use the membership of any site as a representative sample of the ABDL crowd. Like I said, I've been privileged to meet many ABDLs in various settings, from IML to Diaper Fests to house parties to private rendezvous. At the end of it all, we're all just people, but with an added layer, an overlay in planner speak.

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    There is a small connection with this and diapers but not a strong all truly up to the individual.

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    Personally I'm a very sensitive person but I think that has a lot to do with my traumatic upbringing which in turn I think has a lot to do with my little side so for me their all connected.

    I can exist in the "adult" world but I don't like it. It's too harsh and critical and it really is a dog eat dog world and that's not good for someone who likes to hug and play and laugh way too loud.

    On the other hand I have come to understand that my little side, while sometimes criticized does have a special place in the world.

    When someone is hurting or sad I'm very quick to pick up on it an willing I listen even if I don't know you. I've had total strangers cry on my shoulder and I guess they just sensed that I'm not the person to push away someone in need.

    I have a very sharing is caring attitude. My money, my time and anything I have I will share and offer to those who need it and I think that's directly connected to an having an innocent demeanor.

    So I do think that personally I am very sensitive and I would much rather retreat into the little world where everything is sunshine and rainbows but instead I try as hard as I can to take those sunshine an rainbows out into the world with me an share them with the people who need a little more love as caring in their life.

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