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    Whats your favorite little or baby food to eat?

    Mines the gerber graduate cereal puffs. The banana is my favorite but apple strawberry is good too. And apple juice.

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    Don't really try much in the way of baby foods...
    I mainly drink stuff like apple juice and vanilla toddler formula in my baba; but none of the non-fruit baby foods that I have tried were very good.

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    About the only "little" things I like are orange juice and chocolate milk.

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    I still love Cheerios and milk. Mothers will typically give Cheerios in a cup to a toddler and let them eat them dry.

    I still enjoy Gerber's peaches. My wife bought me some a year ago. Our son ate Gerber's Blueberry Brickle for years, and I think he'd eat it today if someone gave him some.

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    I love eating dry Cheerios. I pretty much never eat plain cheerios with milk. I don't really eat anything explicitly "baby", but sometimes when I eat fruits and such I'll cut it up into little finger foods. That definitely makes me feel little.

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    I like Cheerios, and other kids-style cereals like Coco Pops and Ricicles. Don't enjoy anything like formula or the Gerber meals (mashed-up food is really not my thing!), so I guess the only other little food I eat is rusks. I think adults do occasionally have them, but they're designed as a good baby biscuit for teething (and they're delicious!).

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    I like chocolate milk, and strawberry milk, and banana milk. I also like those small tins of pasta shapes in tomato sauce shaped like hello kitty and my little pony. I also like barney bear cake bars and teddy bear crisps. I also love turkey dinosaurs. Rawr!

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