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Thread: The Length of the new design Goodnites

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    Default The Length of the new design Goodnites

    I know at least one person was wondering, so I thought that I would make a thread for it.

    The length of the Goodnites after this design is 22" stretched, and since we don't like out diapers to be skin-tight, the diaper is about 20" with a holding stretch to it.

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    22"! That is a big difference (old ones were 24"). That's the same length as UnderJams L/XL, as well as Pampers baby diapers (Baby Dry 6, Luvs 6, EP 6, Cruisers 7). I expect this will affect the AB/DL popularity of GoodNites quite significantly. Or it will inspire people to try some of the other products above, since the differences in "fit" may be minor.

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    Goodnites are one of my go-to diapers, and they've been disappointing to me recently. I have noticed this and have thought about changing diapers. However, as a college student and closeted DL, they are a great diaper for me.

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    wait what they are shorter??? The only complaint I have with baby diapers is that they are short. 22" is fine for me for now, but if i get an ounce of fat I'm doomed. How is it that more people are fitting into them if they are this much smaller even with the more stretchy waist?
    //Oh they updated it again based on what I'm reading... Huggies in all having to be the smallest...

    So what does that mean for the size s/m? is it just a T5-T6(pullup ver of a size 6 diaper)? and the x/lx is about same but with wider sides?

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