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Thread: Diaper tapes why is it ?

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    Default Diaper tapes why is it ?

    As title , why do tapes on plastic diapers hold better than cloth like ones apart from Tena ultima as they have a plastic landing zone ?
    I ask because once my combslip are taped up they don't move when I sleep yet cloth like do !

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    The difference lies in adhesive versus velcro. Adhesive doesn't "migrate" from one space to another, but velcro - since it's based on the fabric itself - can move slightly over time. Adhesive is bound to provide a better grip or hold because it's creating a chemical bond with the plastic. That said, tapes come loose enough on the Abenas I wear to make me think of switching to Tena or something with a cloth-like cover.

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    I was going to say the same thing. That and the strength of the tape is more durable than most tapes.

    I wonder if they make adhesive tapes
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