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Thread: My parcel came today from cuddlz.

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    Wink My parcel came today from cuddlz.

    I would love to show my friends here but I don't know how There so cuuute. If any one wants to see the cuddlz brand let me know how to get a pic here and ill show you!!! *Huggles*I also got there brand new paci design. I'm not to fond of it. Its really round and large.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    EDIT- Thank you Snivy <3

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    As long as you show it by itself on a bed or something (Instead of on you) then you are ok.

    Best bet is taking a picture with your phone and e-mailing it to yourself and saving it as a .PNG or a .JPEG (Best formats with quality) (Other formats are .BMP .DOC .GIF .JPG .PDF .PSD .TXT .ZIP)

    Save/Upload it to your files.

    Manage attachments while editing your post, upload, click "insert incline" ([attach]b121[/attach])and your cuddlz is on display for all to see.

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    I just finished a pack of cuddlz plain white ones.They're great and would buy more any day.I have also tried the printed ones.

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    I love cuddlz diapers, I've tried the half print and the all over printed ones, I have 14 still in my wardrobe 😊

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jajastinkybinky View Post
    I also got there brand new paci design. I'm not to fond of it. Its really round and large.
    I was looking at Cuddlz' newly designed own brand pacifier too, but went with the classic NUK instead. First pacifier since I was maybe 2yrs old. I tell you what though, after about an hour it felt really natural, like I'd never stopped sucking on one -- not to mention it really relaxed me. Use it all the time now. Kinda addictive. Would recommend to anyone that suffers from anxiety or panic attacks.

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