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Thread: anyone excited for Warlords of Dreanor

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    Default anyone excited for Warlords of Dreanor

    With the new Warlord of Dreanor expansion coming out tomorrow night, is anyone else excited/pumped to play in Dreanor. I plan on staying up for the midnight release wearing a diapers for the next four days as I play, don't want to waste valuable time leveling for bathroom breaks! FOR THE HORDE!

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    I've been playing since WotLK hopefully this expansion goes well.
    I'm down 1 pack and 7 abenas need more for lvling

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    So far, yeah, this expansion is one of their best Add me on RealID if you want, AbbieB#1745

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    This is the best expansion since Wrath of the Lich King. If you want to add me on realID PM me.

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