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    Hi everyone,
    This is mainly for the Australian AB/DL's.
    I was recently restocking my stach when I discovered that the chemist I was in didn't have any Drynites 8 to 15. I then went further down the isle and down a Babylove product called Sleepy Nights. The were not gender specific so I thought "You beauty!" I then proceeded to the checkout and discovered tact they were only $8.00. The shop that I normally go to get my Drynites from normally cost $13.00 a pack.
    The Baby Love waiver lent only has 8 pants in there so it works out pretty resonable for cost.

    The Baby Love pants look bigger than Drynites and fell more comfortable around the sides. I am yet to wet one and see how it holds up.

    Does anyone have anything to add on the drynites/sleepy night front to add?

    I an also curious to see what brand of nappies my Aussie friends are using.

    Regards, AKOL.

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    I have used the sleepy nights before. I tend to prefer them to the drynites as the sleepy nights seem to be wider in the crotch. This means that they tend to feel a bit bulkier (even though they probably aren't much different then the drynites. They aren't too bad with holding wettings but expect about the same performance as the drynites, although i think they hold a little more and tend not to be as susceptible to press-out wetness as the drynites seem to be.

    Im terms of nappies I'm using at the moment it varies a little. I tried the new wellness briefs and they are actually pretty good and work well despite being thin in the beginning (but they swell up a lot). Mostly i tend to use molicare super plus with a booster pad (as it gives a nice bulk without being too crazy obvious and i have yet to make one leak with this combination). I also have some of the newer cloth tena slip maxi which i find are reasonably good and fit well. They tend to be pretty good if i want to go out but I'm worried about showing ... which for me at the moment tends not to be too often.

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