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Thread: Where to buy incontinence products in Japan

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    Default Where to buy incontinence products in Japan

    Going to Japan in 2 weeks as leaving for Singapore on Saturday and dont want to fill luggage with 2 weeks worth of adult pull ups thx

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    you already made a thread about this. Just because that one hasn't had any replies doesn't mean you should just make another
    the incontinence forum isn't as busy as the other boards so you'll have to wait. given the subject matter you could also have asked this on the diaper forum
    Regardless you should remove one of these posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saix View Post
    given the subject matter you could also have asked this on the diaper forum
    He did.

    Pretty much here was your original: [Link Removed]
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    u can buy adult diapers and pull up in local supermarkets but mostly Japan Brand in good quality.

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    From what I remember hearing. Adult diapers are expected outsell baby diapers by 2020 in Japan. I would honestly expect there to be just about as much selection for adult diapers in your local market as there would be baby diapers in the same market, with baby diapers having more as the demand hasn't equalized yet. The odds of seeing someone you know (well) there are something crazy like 35/7,000,000,000. I think going in there, taking time looking at the different brands (even with onlookers as a possibility) wouldn't be an issue. Then, basing off of the depictions of the diapers on the packaging, make a selection and put your trust in your diaper.

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    What are the tena brand like in japan are they like australian quality?
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