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Thread: Busted by my niece?

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    Default Busted by my niece?

    Conversation between my brother and his daughter

    Brother: how old do you think I am?
    Neice: 72 (giggle)
    Brother: how old do you think uncle (DLE) is?
    Neice: 8 (giggle)

    Comment from mother - you seem to be able to get down to her age / level when playing with your niece (aged 5).

    Little do they know (well, maybe apart from my neice who really likes her Uncle!)...


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    Well, what can I do?

    She will grow up but for now it is fun and I can be me in plain sight of my family without too much suspicion.



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    That is definitely a good thing to achieve! I have to act stupid around my 1-year old niece. I would post a pic to show but I don't know if THAT breaks the rules of over the age of 18 (Even for a baby/toddler)

    Anyway, you are definitely the world cup going on right now!

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    I have a similar situation going on with the kids my Mom watches for daycare. I can act little under the premise that I'm just playing with them, and the kids love it.

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    I wish so badly there was a kid around so I could get away with this.

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    Aww, that's cute. I've been told that I'm "a kid at heart" before, and it made me smile. So I agree, it's a nice feeling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adventurer View Post
    Aww, that's cute. I've been told that I'm "a kid at heart" before, and it made me smile. So I agree, it's a nice feeling!
    "Kid at heart" is what I say to my family as an excuse, and they seem to not mind it (they actually rather like that about me), but of course, they don't know everything and I ain't gonna say.

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    I was a natural, playing with my kids when they were little. I'd get their toys out and make up these complicated stories, acting the characters out along with cars, and trucks, etc. This was before the internet and before I knew anything about being an adult baby. It just came naturally for me, I guess because it was something I did when I was little. Eventually some of those stories would find themselves in my writing.

    Now I enjoy playing with the grandchildren. I'm very comfortable sitting on the floor with them and acting out elaborate stories using their toys. They love it.

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    Glad to hear that I am not the only one!

    Yeah, it is great fun getting into characer in public. I find the little girl persona easy. Not sure what will happen when my nephew is old enough. Wait and see but I have a few years more fun yet... everyone thinks that I am a great uncle!

    This certainly makes you a natural with young kids.

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