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Thread: I've gone and made a FurAffinity account

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    Default I've gone and made a FurAffinity account

    It would seem that my art has gotten the attention of fellow artists over on FA. At first, I wasn't considering ever joining the place, but I have since departed that train of thought and am fully engrossed in being a member of the FA community

    If you follow me on deviantArt (which you can find here), then by all means follow me on FA if you happen to have an account. You can find my FA page here and I hope you all keep enjoying my art as much as I do

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    I recently created a FA account as well. I'm still trying to figure it all out. Haven't had much time to work on it tho.

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    I have a furaffinity account, and Deviant art account plus more babyfur community accounts.

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    I'll add you there. My name there is CassieHFox so you can watch me back if you choose to (I don't post art myself, just there to comment).

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