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Thread: Made my first "little" purchase

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    Smile Made my first "little" purchase

    I found this off of a link from someone else quite a while ago. There was a slight discount on it today, so I decided to order it. I'm sure it will be way to small, but it will at least be neat to look at. I really like space / astronomy so that's why I like the graphic design on it!

    There another something from Land of Nod that I'm looking at too, but it's rather expensive. It's a solar system bedroom set. So like the pacifier its space / astronomy themed. Maybe it, too, will go on sale one day.

    Who else here is fascinated by outer space? Do you know similar type items? Space themed clothes or whatever?

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    I enjoy outerspace because it is full of mysteries in space like if other life exist on the outer skirts or if an asteroid is heading towards us without our knowledge of even knowing. If a star died somewhere out there and is a black hole as of right now, etc...

    As for AB space stuff related, I don't know of anything from the sort. The closest thing I have come to space clothes would be black shirts and black pants since the outer space is covered with colors but the main sky of a space is black with stars :3

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    I'm very interested in space and astronomy myself. I just finished watching a show on the Science channel. They are having a "Space Week" this week (due to the landing tomorrow on an asteroid).

    Alas, I do not have any baby items with a space them.

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    That is the coolest looking paci EVER!

    Yeah, I'm a big astronomy nerd. I even bought a 14" scope. I haven't been able to take it out much here lately. It's so heavy, I have to break it down into several parts to carry it somewhere to set up. Then break it back down and carry it back in. But I've had a few different scopes over the years. I really want to take a crack at astro-photography. But now is the time of year that I could do some, since it's getting dark so early. I need to save up some money and get an observatory to put my scope in, so I don't have to put it up at the end of the night.

    I'm pretty lucky, I live in a pretty "dark sky" area. Very rural area, many miles away from any towns; and the towns that are close aren't very big. So I don't have a lot of light pollution.

    You listen to podcasts much? There's a really good one called "Astronomy Cast". It's done by Pamela Gay & Fraser Cain. They've been doing it for maybe 6 years, so they've got ALOT of episodes. You can learn about different historical figures, planets, spacecraft, or even some of the mysteries. If you haven't heard it, you should check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattew View Post
    That is the coolest looking paci EVER!
    Yea, I think so, too! But what kept me from impulse buying it was 1) I knew nothing about Pacis 2) I don't really identify as a baby. Just child, or "little", I guess and 3) Anxiety about expanding my involvement with these feelings / this part of me. But, I guess I'm becoming more comfortable these feelings and, as you and I agree, it really does look super freaking awesome The slight discount was incentive enough to consummate the purchase. I got the 6+ month sized one. I don't know what that corresponds to in Nuk sizes, or such, I'm completely new to this. Regardless of its useability, it will still be awesome as like a display piece.

    That's awesome that you have an actual telescope. That is something I've though about, but don't know enough about to make a wise purchase. Also, I'm in a big suburb, so I don't know how wise of an investment a "scope" would be anyway. Specifically, if I were to jump in then I'd want to figure out how to take pictures and I'd want to have a friend or some kind of group of people to enjoy it with.

    I forgot to include a link to the Land of Nod Solar System bedroom set. Between the quilt, sheet set, a throw pillow or sham or two, and a couple of curtain panels, would probably cost $4-500 or so. It really speaks to my kid / little side.

    I'll have to check out that podcast, sounds great! A while back I was listening to some Astronomy classes from "iTunes U". They were, I guess, public domain recordings of UC Berkley class. Fascinating stuff! Particularly, I'm excited about next years flyby encounter with Pluto by the New Horizons spacecraft. I read that Pluto was originally planned as a fly by with the Voyager 1 spacecraft, but was nixed after it arrived at Saturn and mission controllers decided they wanted photos and measurements of the moon Titan. Voyager 2, owing to its launch date, didn't have the trajectory or planetary alignment necessary for a fly by. One report said, theoretically, it would be possible, but the spacecraft would have had to flown though (and survive) the center of Neptune to achieve the necessary course correction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    I enjoy outerspace because it is full of mysteries in space like if other life exist on the outer skirts or if an asteroid is heading towards us without our knowledge of even knowing. If a star died somewhere out there and is a black hole as of right now, etc...
    I'm really an information sponge when it come to science, just in general. Yes, I was always in the school library back in the day reading National Geographic or such. That place was like kryptonite to bullies. When my highschool got an internet connection I just kept looking up information about the planets and stars and everything

    It's kind of taken a backseat over the past decade while I studied computers and computer networking of late. I mean, I still read blogs and such. But studying, friends, family, video games, and work have rather taken over. But, maybe with this purchase i'll try and bring more of it back into my day to day. Not to long ago, end of August or so, I was able to get up early enough to see the Lunar eclipse (where the Earth gets in-between the Sun and the moon passes through Earth's shadow). That was pretty neat. Didn't stay outside very long (it was chilly) and was still rather groggy from waking up. This was about 5am, in the morning. But there will be another one next year and I have a friend on the east coast I could visit to view it with.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh, and you all should take a peak at this video on YouTube -- "What if we lived on the Moon?"

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    I'll check out the video this afternoon

    So I'm guessing your one of them Avon sponges? They get endless amounts! ^^ Science is the best subject of learning out there, that and it sparks your learning habits better than history would normally do. The eclipse always amazes me whenever I am watching it from my screen door. Astronomy speculates all over, the colors from the sun waves with it's red and orange from sunset, the power of a simple star when it dies out into a blackhole, etc.

    I wanted to ride onto Virgin Galactic's one day (I don't know when they come out, r.i.p. to the pilot) and soar to see above me some of the exciting things. When I was 16 I used to have a telescope and they made an announcement on the news something about mars was brighter than usual and you could see it if you had a telescope but I felt like I was looking at an M'nm because my alignment was all messed up. I never wanted to read the stuff because I had other stuff to do but I love the assignments my classes back back when I was in high school. Earth n Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Physical Science. I was an endless buffet of this kind of stuff.

    You got something going on here buddy! I would not lose sight of it, although I find one flaw into your library. How is it kryptonite? Haha, my former-library had bullies and show-offs always on the computers skipping class and looking on the internet. I guess shows to show that all schools are different.

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    I have ordered a pacifier from them with a custom print on it. It is indeed small, but it is unique, so that is cool.

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    My nuke 5 used to have a rocket ship on it...but the image smudged off

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    Wow, everyone you've gotta check this out. The European Space Agency just harpooned all of humanity a comet to study. Literally.

    They have a spacecraft orbiting the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Attached to this spacecraft was a lander called "Philae". They detached the lander, had it fire a harpoon into the icy surface, then safely and gently had the lander pull itself down to the surface.

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