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Thread: In need of a good diaper to wear to tae qwon do

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    Default In need of a good diaper to wear to tae qwon do

    I need some suggestions for a good diaper to wear to tae qwon do, I just started my first class today and wore a tena slip maxi which did well but is more absorbant than I need so i was thinking of retrying the tena stretch super or the tena flex.I have never tried the flex before and havent found any reviews on the usa version. I dont care if its cloth or plastic backed but I think plastic would be better and chafe less. I just dont want to have a poofy ass during class but also dont want a yellow stain on my stark white uniform. Thanks for any suggestions guys!

    Also not wearing at all is absolutely not an option!

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    Try color then like Molicare Superplus. It's not noticable and holds more than the Tena Flex. It's actually affordable than most diapers (Kinda like the Abena M4) and might go off as underwear if your plastic starts to show. Won't give off any eyes or any eyebrows if someone were to notice. It would be perfect for your sessions and is comfortable when or when not wet of course. It's light purple shows a great texture fit and won't swell up as much as most diapers.

    It is plastic and has leak guards to catch urine when doing your classes while wetting so it catches your urine and stores it. It will not leave a yellow stain on the diaper nor will it show outside your uniform so your at ease with this diaper.

    Their price is $24.75 for a case of 14's Small/Mediums and for a large case of 14's cost $29.99. For a good company that sells these are NorthShore Care Supply. I heard they are an excellent company and (I think) offers free samples to try before you buy.

    I don't think they will chafe, nor will they make too much noise. Nothing medical about them, (Unless you count color) nothing cute about them, just regular 23 ounce diapers that would go terrific for your class.

    Here is what the diaper looks like on our diaper reviews page:

    You can pick some cases up on Amazon, bambino, NorthShore Care Supply, or XPMedical.

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    I would suggest the Tena Flex. I recently bought the Tena Flex Super in small and they fit great on my 31" waist, are very discreet, very comfortable, and can take 3+ good wettings. The Flex sold in the US is made in Europe. The Molicare Superplus is less discreet than a Tena Slip Maxi (IMO) and I don't like how they clump. Since you mentioned the Tena Slip Maxi is more absorbent than you need, the Flex Super would be the next step down, and the Molicare Superplus is on par with TSM, if not a bit more absorbent. Plus with the single belt design of the Flex, it will be more comfortable during your class. Diaperbuys has them at a great price with free shipping.

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    You might even consider a pullup if you don't go too much. Tae Kwon Do is pretty heavy on sweating, so I think you'd be best served by having the most flexible, easy to maneuver diaper you can. You're simply not very likely to be peeing much while you're doing it.

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    I'm not sure what options you have, but when I was taking classes I could order a gi made of a thicker, sturdier material. I didn't wear a diaper to class, of course, but that would have done a better job of hiding one than the gi made of thinner fabric.

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    For when I am really active or if it is super hot out, my favorite daytime diaper is FitRight diapers by Medline. Their supers absorb a lot, and they are put together more like a baby diaper. I haven't tried their stretch version, but I hear it is good. They are also fairly inexpensive. I got a case a while back from a company called The Diaper Piper (lol), and I think it was around $45 bucks for 80 of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenworthW900b View Post
    I need some suggestions for a good diaper to wear to tae qwon do
    Second the pullup. It'll be low chaffe. Thing is, you're going to sweat and move. Those don't go well together. You need thin, breathable, and sturdy.

    Plastic against sweaty skin will chaffe faster than clothlike.

    you may even consider bringing a change and swapping at halftime break if they have it. It'll be wet with sweat even without your help. Dry your skin off if you can when you change, and apply more powder. Powder up when changing into that first pullup too.

    Also pullups don't show as easily.

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    Okay, as a reference point, I have a first degree black belt, and will be testing for my second degree in the spring. Considering the motion involved in Taekwondo, the thinner you can manage, the better, and a pull-up will probably work better than tape-on diapers. In fact, at higher ranks, the types of kicks you end up doing are fairly likely to break tapes. (360 spin jumping hook kick).

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    Anything pullup or pads+those flex pants that Tena and Abena sell would work far more than any tape on diaper. You'll want something that stretches with you, something that tape on diapers, especially plastic ones, can't really do so well.

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    I'd use a pullup.
    If you wet trough a pullup before the class end, you either drink too much, or you are doing something wrong.

    I'd also consider external catheter with a waist bag. It's more discrete. But if you do full contact combat, this option is not viable.

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