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Thread: Thoughts on Chic-fil-A

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    Default Thoughts on Chic-fil-A

    So a Chic-Fil-A opened in RI not too long ago I tried it and I think it's ok. To be honest I thought it could've been better maybe I went on a bad day. Anyway what are your thoughts love it or hate it?

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    I grew up in Atlanta not too far from the original chick-fil-a. From my experiences, Chick-fil-a in Atlanta seems to be better than chick-fil-a in other parts of the country. I'm halfway across the country for school, and the chick-fil-a we have here on campus doesn't compare, unfortunately.

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    I love Chick-Fil-A but I boycott it now because they will not take Student Discounts and it's near my college :3

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    Their chicken nuggets are the absolute best in fast food.

    I feel conflicted eating there due to the CEO's anti-gay stance, but take comfort in the fact that most of its restaurants are franchises and many of the store managers don't agree with the CEO's views.

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    They're the only fast food restaurant where the veggies are actually fresh and edible (without gagging). Damn good food, and while their corporate values may be a little behind modern times, they're a great company and tbh I've never heard of them fighting or discriminating against gays (likewise I may just not have heard about it). But eh. If you wanted to, you could find something with every company, every person, to disagree about. So eh. Good food, great quality, I like it.

    Also don't abuse this info or be a shitty customer, but Chick Fil A likes to give out free food now and then. I hadnt been to one in over a decade and was excited to find out there was one near my apartment last year and when I told the cashier, she rang up my meal for free I was so happy :3

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    Let's keep the topic to the company's food/service, and not their CEO's views on homosexuality. If you want to discuss the later, please make a new thread in mature topics.

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    They don't have one where I live. I want to try it!

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    Love it. They have great chicken sandwiches and their waffle fries are simply the best there is. Oh, and their chicken biscuit is my favorite breakfast sandwich. Wish there was one closer than an hour and a half away.

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    I used to get the grilled chicken salads there because it was the really the best fast food option out there and I liked the manager of our local store. They even have a diaper genie in the men's room which I've availed myself of. They also are pretty liberal with coupons and stuff if you write to them about stuff. I have a cow doll they gave out to the first 1000 visitors to their website during the superbowl a few years back.

    However, I tend to avoid them now because of their oppressive politics.

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    I tried Chic-fil-a once. Wasn't impressed. Didn't like it enough to ever go back.

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